A bright and colorful gift closet setup for kids, with Crayola crayons, Better Together plushes, candy, ribbons and a confetti-patterned card organizer.

Gifting How to Create a Gift Closet that Makes Your Life Easier

Has your kid ever sprung last-minute "I'm invited to a birthday party" news on you? Has social media ever reminded yo...

A variety of flower bouquets in different shapes and sizes, wrapped in different ways.

Gift Wrapping How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet

Flowers are such a sweet, simple gift. Want to make the most out of your bouquet? Watch these 4 tutorials for pretty ...

A vase filled with orange and white DIY tissue paper flowers.

Mother's Day How to Wrap Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flower bouquets are a favorite gift for Mother's Day—and no wonder! This time of year, you can find amazing flowers e...

Gift Wrapping Giftology: how to wrap a Mother's Day gift

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A box wrapped with a hand-stamped tea towel and a tag that reads,

Easy DIY Gift Idea for Mom: Block Print Tea Towels and Bandanas

Even as an adult, it’s fun to give your mom a handmade gift to celebrate her on Mother’s Day, her birthday or just be...

A cocker spaniel dog with a party hat and bandana sitting in front of a background decorated with gift wrap and balloons.

Gift Wrapping Throw a Dog-Good Birthday Party

Who’s ready for a pawty? Whether you’re celebrating your pup’s actual birthday or you want to cr...

Tissue paper gift wrapped gifts on a table including 2 ombre tissue paper bows and one bag with tissue paper

Gift Wrapping Three Impressive (But Easy) Tissue Paper Gift Wrap Tricks

Fill a gift bag with flair, fluff up the easiest tissue-paper flowers, and put a twist on a bow. Watch the video f...

Box wrapped with a card pocket showing woman's hands inserting a cat card

Gift Wrapping Gift Wrap with a Built-in Card Pocket

Make sure your card stays with the present by making a card pocket when you wrap the box. Start with

Red and Kraft brown gifts topped with DIY wrapping paper bows.

Gift Wrapping Make DIY Wrapping Paper Bows with Exclusive Hallmark Gift Wrap

If you’re wanting to make a big impression with the tiniest bit of effort, try making DIY wrapping paper bows.

fancy colorful presents on a table

Gift Wrapping 16 Stylish Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Perfect Presents

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Personalized gifts on table with plant

Gift Wrapping 40+ Unique Ways to Personalize Your Gift Wrap, Toppers and Cards

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Confetti on a table

Arts, Crafts & DIY Dress Up A Party with Easy, Colorful DIY Tissue Paper Confetti

DIY tissue paper confetti is a fun, easy way to pump up the party vibe. The larger pieces in our version make a bi...