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Gift wrapping supplies on a bright aqua background.

Gift Wrapping

You found the perfect gift. Let's wrap it up with personalization ideas, bow tying basics and wrapping paper tricks that'll make your present stand out.

An assortment of gifts wrapped in wrapping paper and gift bags are decorated in fun and playful ways for kids, including a gift that's been wrapped and decorated to look like a birthday cake with candles, a gift covered in thumbprints that have been turned into little cartoon characters, a gift wrapped with yellow paper and decorated with 3D daisy flowers, and a gift in a bag with a matching card envelope that's been made to look like a dog wearing a party hat.

Gift Wrapping 4 cute and creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

There’s something extra fun about wrapping gifts for kids. Maybe it’s the look on their faces when they’re handed a r...

Three different Christmas gift wrapping ideas are shown via differently wrapped gifts sitting on a white tabletop; one gift is wrapped and embellished with woven ribbons, another is wrapped and decorated with a simple ribbon DIY made to look like a holly sprig, and a final gift is wrapped with fabric covered in a simple holly print.

Gift Wrapping 3 Christmas gift wrap ideas to match your holiday personality

If you’re anything like me, the holiday season can make you tap into different sides of yourself. Maybe you become th...

Three gifts wrapped in styles inspired by origami paper art sit on a blue damask tablecloth.

Gift Wrapping 3 beautiful, origami-inspired gift-wrapping ideas

If you’re trying to improve your gift-wrapping skills or wow people with the coolest looking gifts, these origami-ins...

A gift wrapped with Hallmark reusable fabric gift wrap and a Mother's Day card next to it that reads,

Gift Wrapping How to use fabric wrap: A step-by-step guide for our reusable wrap

Don't you just love reusing gift bags? Well, now Hallmark has reusable gift wrap, too! Using it to wrap your gifts is...

Gifts sitting on a table after being wrapped using creative ways to use gift wrap scraps—one making a quilt pattern out of leftover pieces, another with a wrapping paper confetti accent band, and the final one made from the cardboard tube that goes inside a roll of gift wrap, wrapped and tied at the ends like a piece of candy.

Gift Wrapping 3 creative ways to reuse gift wrap scraps

Picture this: You’ve just finished wrapping a gift, you’re admiring your hard (but fabulous) work, and suddenly reali...

A gift bag with a slit cut in the side to conceal a money-pull gift feature, where the recipient pulls out a mini card attached to a s

Gifting 10 creative ways to give cash

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, Christmas or just because you love them and think they deserve a special tre...

A hand reaches in to pick up one of the scavenger hunt clue slips from amid a bunch of clue slips scattered on a light purple surface.

Gifting How to plan a gift scavenger hunt

If you want to make unwrapping a present even more fun, there’s nothing better than a gift scavenger hunt. Send partn...

A collection of gifts wrapped creatively with various gift wrap hacks.

Gift Wrapping Easy gift wrap hacks that are all pretty and no pressure

We’ve all been there: You think you have what you need to wrap that gift at home, but turns out you’re woefully short...

A plate of Christmas cookies wrapped up like a piece of hard candy, with curled ribbon tied on its ends.

Christmas A sweet and easy way to wrap cookies for Christmas

Bakers gonna bake, y'all. And if you're one of them, you already know homemade Christmas cookies are the best gifts y...

A pile of Hanukkah gifts on a table, wrapped in paper in varying shades of blue and gold, with a white ceramic menorah with blue candles in the background.

Hanukkah How to Wrap Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Hanukkah gifts for kids haven't always been part of Jewish tradition. Even giving gelt, the most familiar treat, bega...

A stack of creatively wrapped Christmas gifts in a variety of wrapping paper patterns and colors.

Christmas How to Wrap Christmas Presents Like a Pro: Basics, Bows and More

We've all wrapped a ton of presents in our lives, right? We've covered shirt boxes with wrapping paper, popped plushi...

A variety of holiday treat packages wrapped up in different ways, including rolls and cones.

Gift Wrapping Easy and festive ways to wrap Christmas treats

You’ve made lots of festive goodies and have lots of friends…so we’ve got cute, easy ideas for wrapping Christmas tre... will be back up soon

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