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Care & Concern Spread Kindness and Compassion with 30 Days of Caring

A little caring can make a big difference in someone’s day. That made us wonder: What would happen if we all made ...

Uplifted & Inspired card in studio

Card Ideas We Matter: Inside the Mahogany Uplifted & Empowered Collection

The story of Blackness in America is joyous and fiercely beautiful, but it is also stitched with an unending and u...


Women standing in a group together

Lifestyle Inspiring, Empowering Quotes for Women

We look to empowering quotes for different reasons: A few meaningful words can motivate you at the start of the da...

Encouragement Card with a sun on it and an envelope on a desk with plants

Card Ideas Messages for New Beginnings: Encouraging Words for People Starting Fresh or Starting Over

New beginnings are all around us, all the time, from starting schools to changing jobs…moving to a new home or wat...

Mother with cancer kissing daughter

Care & Concern Real Stories: Supporting Friends with Cancer & Illness

“Despite the negative impact of cancer and the suffering, I have never felt as loved and cared about by so man...

Friends taking a selfie

Care & Concern How to Support a Friend or Loved One in Need

At an early age, I lost my older brother, John, unexpectedly. He was on a dream trip, hiking the majestic Grand Ca...

Celebrating Black History Month

Self-care for black women

Care & Concern Self-Care for My Sisters: Letting the “Strong Black Woman” Rest

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It’s self-preservation…” —Poet Audre Lorde...

Winter What is Black History Month?

Black history carries a richness worth honoring year-round—and Black History Month gives us all a chance to reflec...

Three Black women supporting each other

Care & Concern Listen, Believe and Be Present: How We Can Support Black Friends

As caring people who value our connections with others, we can hardly tune in to the news without witnessing anoth...

USA map wih African-American-inspired colors - Celebrate Black History Month

Winter How to Honor and Celebrate Black History Month

Get creative ideas, resources and tools that will inspire you to celebrate Black History Month in February and beyond.


Happy Easter Card with flowers and eggs

Easter Inspiring Easter Message Ideas: What to Write in an Easter Card

Easter comes at such a hopeful time of year, and that optimism is a great feeling to share in a card or note to so...

Kids playing with Easter chick

Easter An Easter Chick that Makes Kids Hoppy

What you see is not a test, we’re hopping to the beat! This Easter chick bounces and lays multiple eggs whil...

Bowl of ashes with a cross in them surrounded by palms for Lent

Easter What is Lent?

Lent can seem a little mystifying if it’s something you didn’t grow up with. Why do friends talk about “giving som...

Care & Concern Caring Resources for Tough Times

With everything going on in the world, what we really want to do is stay connected. If you’re looking for differen...