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Birthday cake with candles and some banners to celebrate milestone birthday

Birthday Milestone Birthday Ideas: Plan a Celebration They’ll Always Remember

Every birthday we celebrate is meaningful. But from cards to gifts to full-blown party themes, we always put extra...

Wedding card

Wedding What to write in a wedding card

Imagine yourself in the parking lot walking in to your friend’s wedding reception—pen in hand, neck...


Mother and son reading book about courage

Kids Encouraging Words for Kids: Celebrating Courage, Kindness, Confidence and Teamwork

Though they be but little, kids have the power to change the world around them in big ways. They can do it by bein...

This year, I will love the work in progress that is me. - Loving Selfcare Quote

Lifestyle Self-Care Quotes - Because You Deserve Them

Self-care is trending these days, but the idea is not new. You hear it at the beginning of every big journey...

Grilled pizza recipes

Father's Day The Thrill of the Grill: 3 Grilled Pizza Recipes

Serve dad a big slice of happiness with these grilled pizza recipes perfect for Father's Day

School lunch ideas: 4 fun & easy bento boxes

Back to School Turn the tables on boring school lunches with our fun bento box ideas

Turn the tables on boring school lunches with these fun bento box ideas


A card that reads

Card Ideas What to Write: Messages for Grandparents

Nana, Bumpa, Gam, Pop…such short names for people who hold such a big part of your heart! Maybe it’s because they spo...

A tableau featuring DIY Fall Decor pieces in autumnal shades of brown, orange and beige.

Arts, Crafts & DIY Ridiculously Easy (and Cheap) DIY Fall Decor

You know that thing where the season changes and you want to tweak your decorations a little—just so you feel it? The...

How to journal: 5 reasons, 3 ways, and 9+ styles

Lifestyle How to journal: 5 reasons, 3 ways, and 9+ styles

Start journaling today with our easy guide on how and why to journal

Care & Concern Caring Resources for Tough Times

With everything going on in the world, what we really want to do is stay connected. If you’re looking for differen...