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Lifestyle Inspiring, Empowering Quotes for Women

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Gifting 4 Secrets to Make Every Gift More Meaningful

When I was in grade school, my then-single mom bought me something I wanted desperately: a set of The Beatles bobb...

How to Celebrate Birthdays, Holidays and Special Occasions When You Can’t Be Together

Care & Concern How to Celebrate Birthdays, Holidays and Special Occasions When You Can’t Be Together

We’ve all had to get a little more creative when it’s time to celebrate our loved ones. How do you make a birthday...

Mother's Day card

Mother's Day What to Write in a Mother's Day Card

Tell her just how much she means using this guide from Hallmark writers.

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Mother's Day When Mother’s Day Is Hard: Giving Support to Those Who Are Hurting

Mother’s Day can be hard for many people, from mothers who’ve lost children and children who’ve lost mothers to th...

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Mother's Day Dear Mom – A Mother’s Day Story

Watch one mother’s journey and see one daughter’s precious gift in this Mother’s Day story from ...

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Mother's Day Send Signature Paper Wonder Cards this Mother’s Day

Unforgettable moments. Unforgettable cards. Signature Paper Wonder.

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Mother's Day Moments with Mom: Five Ways to Use Our Together-Time Journal

Moments with mom are the beginnings of some of our favorite stories. So we created a journal (appropriately called...

Free Printable Mother's Day Coloring Pages

Mother's Day Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Show Mom, Grandma and Nana how much they mean with printable coloring pages you can decorate just for them. We hav...

My mom is a genius and not just because she thinks Im one[Funny Mom Quotes for Mother's Day]

Mother's Day Funny Motherhood Quotes (for people who are moms—or have them)

Who doesn’t love being a Mom a good 85–90 percent of the time? There are the “Snuggle on the couch with a sleepy k...

32 Mother's Day breakfast ideas

Mother's Day 32 Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas

Fill her heart (and her plate) this Mother's Day with these easy breakfast ideas.

100 Reasons to Say I Love You Mom

Mother's Day 100 reasons to say I love you, Mom

Moms deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more. There must be a million ...