Christine Taylor - PopMinded
Christine Taylor is a Creative Manager in Licensing at Hallmark working with brands like Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, and The Walking Dead to name a few. She grew up loving pop culture and brings her passion for geekdom into everything she does.
Waco, Texas
Artistic style
Mid-Century Modern snob with a hint of sci-fi, think 2001: A Space Odyssey
Art, design, science, film, theatre, food…pretty much anything creative or related to science, science fiction or space travel
Happy place
Watching movies & TV, attending Fan & Comic Conventions, eating & drinking like a snob
Favorite project or work of art
Loaded question, but in relations to pop pulture, I collect old 60's travel posters, love Saul Bass' title design for films, and I'm inspired by stunning visuals from filmakers like Stanley Kubrick & David Lynch.
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