Do the math! Ice-cream math

Ice cream + fun sundae toppings = Sweetest. Homework. Ever.

By Tom Shay-Zapien

If you think ice cream makes kids happy, just wait until they try a little ice-cream math! Don’t bother rounding up pencils, paper, or erasers, because all you’ll need to solve these problems is a spoon and an appetite for silly fun! Your assignment? Scroll through the slideshow below to find your favorite sundae ideas. Then, start with a scoop or two of ice cream, add in the themed sundae toppings, and enjoy the lesson! Study buddies are highly encouraged, but be forewarned…the longer the equation, the sweeter the solution! Class dismissed.

Want more ice-cream math ideas?

Try out your taste buds on these!

  • Warm Eggo waffle (bottom) + vanilla ice cream + Corn Pops cereal + dry roasted peanuts + pretzel sticks + chocolate syrup drizzle + cotton candy topper = CARNIVAL NIGHTS
  • Vanilla ice cream + bacon bits + crumbled potato chips + Cocoa Pebbles cereal + nuts + warm caramel drizzle + chocolate syrup drizzle = SASQUASHED
  • Vanilla ice cream + Cracker Jack (or caramel corn and dry roasted peanuts) + chocolate syrup drizzle + whipped cream + maraschino cherry topper = THE OL’ BALLGAME
  • Vanilla + Corn Pops cereal + favorite movie candy bits = SHOWTIME
  • Warm brownie (bottom) + vanilla or chocolate ice cream + warm caramel drizzle + chocolate syrup drizzle + toffee crumbles = MUDDY BUDDY
  • Vanilla ice cream + honey roasted peanuts + Nutter Butter cookies + Reese’s cereal + chocolate syrup drizzle = TOTALLY NUTS!
  • Warm chocolate chip cookie (bottom) + cookie dough ice cream + Cookie Crisp cereal + chocolate syrup drizzle + whipped cream = COOKIE MONSTROSITY
  • Warm churros (bottom) + vanilla ice cream + honey drizzle + chocolate syrup drizzle + cinnamon/sugar + chocolate or rainbow sprinkles = SPRINKLE DE MAYO
  • Warm sugar cookie bottom + rainbow sherbet + Skittles + rainbow sprinkles = RAINBOW CONNECTION
  • Warm Eggo waffle (bottom) + vanilla ice cream + orange sherbet + mandarin oranges + maraschino cherry topper = CREAMSICLE SUPREME
  • Vanilla ice cream + gummy worms + Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Grahams (vanilla cupcake and strawberry shortcake) = GONE FISHIN’

Tom Shay-Zapien is a twelve-year-old boy who found himself trapped in the body of a very handsome (and modest) grown man. He enjoys being a Hallmark writer, daydreaming, and not acting his age—if he can help it.