Grilled pizza recipes

Father's Day The Thrill of the Grill: 3 Grilled Pizza Recipes

Serve dad a big slice of happiness with these grilled pizza recipes perfect for Father's Day

Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Appetizer & Snacks Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Special occasions call for fancy snacks. So we’ve taken our all-time favorite snack—pizza—and made it pretty and s...

Mini pepperoni pizza puffs

Main Dish Mini pepperoni pizza puffs

Forget about carryout pizza. These mini homemade pizzas are faster, lighter and way more fun for kids to eat. This...

Mushroom-Artichoke Grilled Pizza Recipe

Main Dish Mushroom-artichoke grilled pizza

Turn your grill into a pizza oven and get an authentically satisfying homemade entree or appetizer. Our healthy Mu...

Thai Chicken Grilled Pizza Recipe

Main Dish Thai chicken grilled pizza

Looking for a new homemade pizza recipe? Take it outside and try pizza on the grill! Our adventurous Thai Chicken ...

Salami, Sausage and Bacon Grilled Pizza Recipe

Main Dish Salami, sausage and bacon grilled pizza

Ready for a break from pepperoni? Salami makes a delicious alternative in this meaty masterpiece—basically a carni...