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A trio of mug-based gift bundles sit on a yellow fabric sweep; the three mug gift bundles are birthday, gardening, and pet themed.

Gifting 15+ creative ways to gift mugs

I think lots of things are underrated, like mint chocolate chip ice cream (which does NOT taste like toothpaste, FYI!...

Card Ideas What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet

My first cat died when I was 8 years old. His name was Barnabus—after the soap opera vampire—and he was a handsome bl...

A handsome Golden Retreiver poses for a photo while wearing a large red Christmas bow and sitting next to a pile of gifts wrapped in red and white patterned paper.

Christmas 10 Ridiculously Cute Holiday Pet Photo Ideas

So you’re getting ready to send some holiday cards (we hope!). And of course pets are family. And of course you want ...

An illustration of a corgi dog with a party hat on, sitting next to a little cake.

Pets Pet Party Ideas for All the Party Animals

Pets are family. Cute, often-fuzzy, sometimes-maniacal family—and there are SO MANY reasons to celebrate them. We’ve ...

A cocker spaniel dog with a party hat and bandana sitting in front of a background decorated with gift wrap and balloons.

Gift Wrapping Throw a Dog-Good Birthday Party

Who’s ready for a pawty? Whether you’re celebrating your pup’s actual birthday or you want to cr...