Hallmark Channel Musical Christmas Village

Christmas Hallmark Channel Musical Christmas Village

The Hallmark Channel Christmas Village features five ambient white light and sound shows, each with their own classic...

Woman wearing Hallmark Channel shirt with popcorn bowl

Christmas Hallmark Channel Outfit Roulette

Whatever combo you land on, our authentic Hallmark Channel products make it easy to ring in the season. All you ne...

Christmas Making the Holidays Your Own

I holiday hard, y’all. And I’m proud, unapologetic and wildly joyful about it. Look, if you find yourself l...

Advent calendar printable

Christmas Advent Calendar Activities for Adventurous Families

It’s time to start the countdown. Maybe it’s about being mindful…or counting your blessings…or preempting your kid...

Kids hands coloring Christmas coloring pages

Christmas Christmas Coloring Pages to Deck the Halls and Recenter Yourself

There’s a lot to love about the holidays: The food! The lights! The music! Time with friends and family...

Tangled Up In Christmas Snowman

Christmas Tangled Up In Christmas Snowman

Now it feels like Christmas with Tangled Up In Christmas Snowman, the 18th edition of Hallmark’s Singing Snowman.

Gingerbread Treat Playful Penguins

Christmas Gingerbread Treat Playful Penguins

The Gingerbread Treat Playful Penguins dance and decorate the day away, assuming they don’t eat everything they bake!

12 Things You Can Do to Spread Holiday Cheer (OK, Really More Like 50)

Christmas Give More, Love More, Laugh More: 12 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer Together

The holidays are so very full of wonder: twinkling lights, happy music, above-average kindness to our fellow human...

Red bowl with the words

Christmas Christmas Care Package Ideas to Make a Present Personal

We all know someone who could use a little extra care at Christmas: maybe it’s a friend going through a tough time...

Barbie Keepsake Ornament on red carpet

Christmas Lights! Camera! Barbie!

Glam up your tree with the fabulous holiday fashion icon, Holiday Barbie™ Keepsake Ornament.

Snoopy Keepsake Ornament on a Christmas tree

Christmas All Aboard Snoopy’s Toy Train

All aboard for some Peanuts fun as Snoopy's Toy Train Keepsake Ornament makes its final destination on your tree this...

Keepsake mini ornaments on a small Christmas tree in a kitchen

Christmas Make Room for Merry

When you decorate with Keepsake Miniature Ornaments, each and every detail helps you add just a little more merry to ...