Hallmark Artist Alyissa Johnson is full of birthday party ideas so she is throwing a birthday party for her nephew with an adorable zoo theme on this episode of Save the Date.

For décor, she uses crumpled brown craft paper to make tree branches and hangs green streamers to make jungle vines. She uses cut green paper for leaves on the trees and also spreads them across the table for a simple jungle tablescape. Use this free downloadable template to make the same leaves at your party.

Alyissa gets caught up in the zoo theme and decides to make special animal ear headbands for kids.

Zoo Theme Birthday Party Craft- Animal Ear Headbands:
Materials Needed: ear template, headbands, animal print felt, pins, clips, fabric glue, scissors

The free downloadable template has three ear shapes (rounded, pointed, elephant) that can be used to make a variety of animal ears- jungle cat, elephant, giraffe, panda, and more.

1) Fold the felt
2) Align the ear template to the edge of the fold and pin it to the felt
3) Cut out the felt around the template
4) Apply fabric glue to the inside of the felt ear
5) Attach the headband by looping the ear cutout around the band and pressing the two sides together
6) Attach clips around the ears to hold them together as the glue dries
7) Leave the ear headbands to dry and once dry remove the clips
8) Place on cute heads!

Zoo Theme Birthday Party Dessert- Animal Cupcakes
Alyissa skips the cake and makes animal cupcakes for the zoo theme birthday party. There is a baby sloth, a tiny otter, and an adorable hedgehog to choose from.

The kids will have a wildly good time! Happy Birthday!

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