4 cute and creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

An assortment of gifts wrapped in wrapping paper and gift bags are decorated in fun and playful ways for kids, including a gift that's been wrapped and decorated to look like a birthday cake with candles, a gift covered in thumbprints that have been turned into little cartoon characters, a gift wrapped with yellow paper and decorated with 3D daisy flowers, and a gift in a bag with a matching card envelope that's been made to look like a dog wearing a party hat.

There’s something extra fun about wrapping gifts for kids. Maybe it’s the look on their faces when they’re handed a really cool-looking present. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to be a little bit like a kid yourself, calling on your creative powers to push the look over the top.

Either way, we’re totally here for it. In fact, we have four ideas here for wrapping kids presents that will befuddle and delight them in the best way. Trust us: You’ll want to have a camera ready for the looks on their faces.

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Birthday cake gift wrap  

We’re sorry, but have you ever seen a gift wrap job this…freaking…cute?! Believe it or not, it’s easy and inexpensive, too. All you need is some cute wrapping paper, plus a few different colors of tissue paper and some paper straws. Don’t forget to top it off with a cute kids birthday card!

3D flower gift wrap  

Makers of superhero movies already know this rule, but we’ll go ahead and restate it here: If you want to make something stand out, make it stand out…in 3D! The dimensional daisies attached to this gift wrap are so cute, and the double-sided gift wrap makes opening it even more of a surprise. 😊 

Pro tip: Use some scraps of gift wrap that have the handy cutting grid on the back to help you cut out daisies with super uniform petals!

Animal card envelope  

Not that we could have a favorite…but this animal card envelope might be our favorite. The best part about it? The gift bag or wrap can inspire your envelope design! (Find the party animals gift bag here!) All you need after that is a kids birthday card, some construction paper, a marker, scissors and a glue stick.

Thumbprint art gift wrap  

This thumbprint art gift wrap idea provides the perfect opportunity to get other kiddos involved! You’ll need plain white kraft paper—it’s best for making sure your ink doesn’t smudge—some washable ink pads, and a fine-tip marker pen.

Once your gift is wrapped, have big/little sis or bro leave their thumbprints all over the wrap, then add adorable doodles to make each one its own work of art. 

Couldn’t be cuter, right?? We figured you’d think so. Hope you have so much fun making their big day even better.

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