Kevin Dilmore is a Hallmark senior writer who has written novels, comic books, essays and journalism on pop-culture topics. His life and conversations are like one big issue of "PopMinded."
Abilene, Kansas
Artistic style
Pretty much anything that can be done by typing into Microsoft Word.
Comics, TV shows, movies, books and music from the past as well as today.
Happy place
In line for a midnight movie screening, wandering around a comic-book store on a Wednesday, sitting down to watch a downloaded TV series pilot.
Favorite project or work of art
Any page from "DC: The New Frontier" by Darwyn Cooke
An illustration of a partially decorated Christmas tree in front of a fireplace; at its base sits a box of Christmas ornaments in different colors and patterns.

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A title card that reads

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An illustrated checklist for a happy Eid that includes items like food, family, blessings and more food.

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A woman watching Hallmark Christmas movies with her cat and festive decor

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Superman dad with daughter

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