A Thanksgiving kids table setting featuring a coloring placemat and a DIY place card.

Thanksgiving 3 Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

The kids’ table is the place to be at Thanksgiving: all the fun and none of the responsibility. And because sometimes...

Designer Josh S.'s two little girls holding back-school-signs for the first day of third grade and kindergarten, respectively.

Back to School First-Day-of-School Sign: A Free Printable to Personalize

It's the first day of school (can you believe it?!), and kids everywhere are dressed and as ready to go as they're go...

An illustration of a big bunny and a little bunny in overalls, holding hands and walking happily.

Easter How to Plan an Amazing Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s face it, your kids are mostly in it for the chocolate. But as a parent you think about bigger things at Easter ...

Strawberry and heart stuffed animal on Valentine's Day background

Kids Cute and Cuddly Better Together Plush

Warm up with these cuddly Better Together stuffed animals that magnetically stick together.

An illustration of a family celebrating New Year's Eve with party hats and popcorn in front of a living room fire.

New Year's 22+ Ideas for a Fun, Family-Friendly New Year's Eve

When I was a kid, nothing made me feel cooler than being included in grown-up stuff. On New Year’s Eve, getting to ha...

12 Things You Can Do to Spread Holiday Cheer (OK, Really More Like 50)

Christmas Give More, Love More, Laugh More: 12 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer Together

The holidays are so very full of wonder: twinkling lights, happy music, above-average kindness to our fellow human...

Inspirational posters on a yellow table with scissors

Kids Download Free Inspirational Posters to Encourage Kids

Remind kids they have the power to change the world.

Kid hands putting card into envelope

Kids Beyond Texting: Teaching Kids the Art of Letter Writing

So often, it’s the littlest hearts and hands that have the biggest ideas, the hugest hopes, the greatest love. And...

Kids' hands holding activity spinner

Kids DIY Activity Spinners for Kids

Help kids come up with little ways to change the world.

Mother and son reading book about courage

Kids Encouraging Words for Kids: Celebrating Courage, Kindness, Confidence and Teamwork

Though they be but little, kids have the power to change the world around them in big ways. They can do it by bein...

Superman dad with daughter

Kids Passing the Geek Parent Baton: Welcoming Kids to Your Favorite Fandoms

For a geek dad, geek mom or geek parent whose heart and mind are filled by the songs and stories of popular cultur...

Parent with foster child standing on feet

Family How to Support Foster Families

It’s so exciting when someone you know welcomes a child into their lives, whether by birth, adoption, or fostering...