A Valentine's Day card that reads,

Valentine's Day 100+ kids valentine messages: From kid-to-kid, for teacher and more

Refrigerator doors everywhere will soon be covered with valentines from kids. The right message added inside can make...

An assortment of gifts wrapped in wrapping paper and gift bags are decorated in fun and playful ways for kids, including a gift that's been wrapped and decorated to look like a birthday cake with candles, a gift covered in thumbprints that have been turned into little cartoon characters, a gift wrapped with yellow paper and decorated with 3D daisy flowers, and a gift in a bag with a matching card envelope that's been made to look like a dog wearing a party hat.

Gift Wrapping 4 cute and creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

There’s something extra fun about wrapping gifts for kids. Maybe it’s the look on their faces when they’re handed a r...

A child's hands color in a Black History Month coloring page. Scattered around the bright yellow work surface are crayons and colored pencils in various colors.

Kids Free Black History Month coloring pages to celebrate with the family or in the classroom

There are so many way to celebrate Black History Month. And we absolutely love the ones that can be done as a family ...

Kids' hands holding activity spinner

Kids DIY Activity Spinners for Kids

Help kids come up with little ways to change the world.

Mother and son reading book about courage

Kids Encouraging words for kids: Celebrating courage, kindness, confidence and teamwork

Though they be but little, kids have the power to change the world around them in big ways. They can do it by bein...

Inspirational posters on a yellow table with scissors

Kids Download Free Inspirational Posters to Encourage Kids

Remind kids they have the power to change the world.

Kid hands putting card into envelope

Kids Beyond texting: Teaching kids the art of letter writing

So often, it’s the littlest hearts and hands that have the biggest ideas, the hugest hopes, the greatest love. And...

A Dia de Muertos ofrenda is decorated with DIY papel picado and DIY Day of the Dead crafts for kids, including a DIY shadowbox and a DIY ofrenda photo frame made of painted popsicle sticks.

Arts, Crafts & DIY Día de Muertos crafts to celebrate with family

The sweet smell of pan de muerto baking, colorful decorations and pictures selected with care, special memories being...

A large plush jack-o-lantern with another, smaller plush jack-o-lantern stacked on top of it sits in a stylized environment animated to look like a dark, creepy forest.

Halloween So sweet it’s scary: Tricks or Treats Pumpkins Singing Plush

This singing, dancing duo will have you exclaiming, "Oh my gourd, that's so cute!" Watch these jack-o-lanterns twirl ...

An illustration of a little girl dressed up for halloween as a witch, with a black polka-dotted dress and orange and green stockings; she's holding a broom in one hand and a jack-o-lantern candy bucket in the other.

Halloween 25+ ways to make Halloween extra sweet for kids

I’ve never met anyone who loves Halloween as much as my 4-year-old brother. He couldn’t believe that a whole day was ...

Three paper lunch sacks—a blue one, a yellow one, and a bright pink one—are decorated with cut paper shapes of different snacks, including watermelon, bananas and pretzels; they're sitting on a white countertop in front of a white brick background, with a container of mini pretzels, an apple, and a Just Because mini card sitting nearby.

Back to School Back to school with creative lunch bag decorating ideas

As a kid, being handed a packed lunch full of my favorite snacks before school was the first step to having an awesom...

A lettered quote for back to school that reads,

Back to School Our favorite back-to-school ideas for parents

For kids, back-to-school season can be bittersweet. Getting shiny new school supplies and seeing your friends every d...