Summer crafts for kids

Beat the heat with these fun craft ideas

By Jeanne Field and Megan Haave

Banish summer boredom before it starts with our fun and easy kids crafts and activities. You and the kiddos will have a blast creating cool stuff and making memories together. Just choose your favorite DIY adventures, print the instructions and get ready to get crafting!

Totes relaxin' toy hammock

Summer Crafts for Kids: itty bitty Hammock #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Everybody needs a way to relax—even your favorite itty bittys® characters. Follow these simple instructions to create a decorative hammock for any character or critter in your collection.

Download the toy hammock instructions


Pretty paper tea party

Summer Crafts for Kids: Tea Party Craft #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Sometimes summertime calls for a spot of tea! Turn your kids loose designing their own paper tea party, complete with cups, saucers, hats, and more. No actual tea will be harmed in the making of this party, so table those fears of spilled milk and soggy teddy bears—and enjoy.

Download all the tea party instructions and templates


Superhero capes

Summer Crafts for Kids: Superhero Capes #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Calling all heroes! Kids will have a blast transforming themselves into daring do-gooders with this cape and mask craft. Choose from an easy no-sew version using a T-shirt or a durable sewn version with ties at the neck. Design your own logo—or use one of ours—and then add it to one of the capes. No superpowers are required—except imagination, of course.

Download the easy cape and mask instructions

Download the sewn cape and mask instructions


Fairy beach house

Summer Crafts for Kids: Fairy Beach Houses #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Fairies like vacations at the beach as much as people do, so save your morning breakfast containers to create a beachside fairy house—or village, depending on how hungry your family is! Use yogurt containers, oatmeal canisters, small cereal boxes or whatever you have on hand.

Download the fairy beach house instructions


Story-time reading pillow with pocket

Summer Crafts for Kids: Story-Time Reading Pillow with Pocket #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Give your kid a cozy way to read with this reading pillow. It features a monogram and a book pocket—so that favorite book will always be nearby when it’s time to snuggle up with a good story.

Download the monogram printables

Download the reading pillow instructions

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Flip-flop fun

Summer Crafts for Kids: Flip-flop Fun #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Add a little flash to the classic flip-flop, and stand out all summer long. With a few simple supplies, you and your crew can make an endless variety of fun footwear.

Download the puppy paw flip-flop instructions

Download the wrap happy flip-flop instructions

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Flag fanfare

Summer Crafts for Kids: Flag Fanfare #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Baby, it's hot outside! Fill up on cool with these easy, breezy crafts—perfect for the 4th of July (or any sizzling summer day). Get our easy instructions for making all 3 flag crafts.

Download the patriotic printables

Download the flag fan instructions

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Dress-up printables

Summer Crafts for Kids: Dress-Up Printables #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Have thrilling dress-up adventures with our printable hats and accessories suitable for pillaging pirates on the high seas, law-abiding sheriffs and deputies in the wild west, or grand realms ruled by benevolent royalty.

Download the pirate printables

Download the sheriff printables

Download the king printables


T-shirt totes

Summer Crafts for Kids: T-shirt Totes #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Make one of these handy totes to carry around all your summer necessities—from books and magazines to swimsuits and beach towels. You can make one from any of the zillion T-shirts you have lying around. Just make sure Mom says “OK” to cutting it up.

Download the T-shirt totes instructions


Friendship bracelets

Summer Crafts for Kids: Friendship Bracelets #MyHallmark #MyHallmarkIdeas

Friendship bracelets are inexpensive and pretty simple to make, so they’re the perfect craft for summer—especially for Best Friends Day on June 8. With some embroidery floss, safety pins and scissors, you can make enough bracelets for all your BFFs. So let’s get started!

Download the braided friendship bracelet instructions (on left)

Download the twisted friendship bracelet instructions (middle)

Download the knotted friendship bracelet instructions (on right)


Jeanne Field is a Hallmark editor who loves finding ways for her kids to get as messy crafting as she does.

Megan Haave is a Hallmark writer who forgot to grow out of her childhood loves—making cards, telling stories, creating crafts, playing games and throwing theme parties.