3 Christmas gift wrap ideas to match your holiday personality

Three different Christmas gift wrapping ideas are shown via differently wrapped gifts sitting on a white tabletop; one gift is wrapped and embellished with woven ribbons, another is wrapped and decorated with a simple ribbon DIY made to look like a holly sprig, and a final gift is wrapped with fabric covered in a simple holly print.

If you’re anything like me, the holiday season can make you tap into different sides of yourself. Maybe you become the family taste-tester, in charge of “helping” with—aka stealing spoonfuls of—all the delicious foods. Or maybe you turn into an errands specialist, tasked with making all the last-minute store runs and braving the crowds. 

No matter what your role is though, there’s a good chance you’ll spend some time wrapping gifts. So to match your holiday personality, we came up with these fun gift wrap ideas (cue the “oh my gosh, that’s so me” feeling). Check ’em out below and see if loved ones can tell which one sounds like you!

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Already know what your wrapping style is? Click the links below to jump right to your perfect gift wrap idea.

For the self-proclaimed expert  

If you’re a certified gift-wrapping expert with the basics mastered, elevate your skills with this elegant ribbon weaving technique. Once you’re done giving wrapping advice and helping everyone else with their gifts, of course.

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For the sentimental sweetheart  

If any of these sound relatable, chances are you’re known as the sentimental one in the family:

  • You love thoughtful gifts like beloved heirlooms, secret family recipes or vintage treasures.
  • You’re a sucker for holiday traditions and photo albums. 
  • You secretly save a piece of gift wrap for your scrapbook after opening gifts. 


The nostalgic fabric wrap is perfect for adding a personal touch to any present and tapping into all the feels. 

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For the first-time host  

If you’ve unlocked this holiday personality (congrats!), chances are you want something that’s quick, easy and still looks amazing on a gift or party favor. This DIY pom-pom holly checks all the boxes—festive, simple and looks like you put way more effort into it than you actually did. Winner, winner, Christmas dinner!

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After all that wrapping, we’re feeling quite ready for an eggnog break. We hope you enjoyed these gift-wrapping ideas and feel appreciated no matter what your role is during the holidays.