Go on a Christmas treasure hunt

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Santa has come and gone, the gifts are all unwrapped, and the cat is chewing on a ribbon in the corner. But there’s still one more trick up your sleeve…a Christmas treasure hunt! This fun family activity is a great way to keep kids busy and continue the day’s excitement.

Here are some ideas to create your own treasure hunt—and a new Christmas tradition:

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Decide on a prize  

You can use the treasure hunt to let the kids find the gifts that are too big to wrap (like bikes) or something the whole family will enjoy sharing (like a big-screen TV for the family room). Or, just find some little gifts like a pile of candy canes, sheets of holiday stickers or a Christmas ornament.

Create simple clues  

For little ones who can’t read, draw a map of the places you’ve hidden your clues and leave intriguing pieces of the treasure as encouragement to keep going. For older kids, create silly riddles or word scrambles.

Make it fun  

You can make clues Christmas-themed. For instance, lead them to a hidden candy cane stash with a cute clue like this: We’re red and white and sweet to eat. Find us for a yummy treat. Or, make your clues physical to encourage everyone to get active. Use ideas like this: Hop to the kitchen table and peek under! Take giant steps to the window and look for snowflakes! Don’t forget to kiss Mom on your way to the family room!)

Add a little competition  

Have the family split into teams for some friendly competition. You can even name your teams—for instance: the Stocking Stuffers vs. the Turkey Gobblers or Socks vs. Skins.

Start the clock  

When you’ve created your clues, start hiding! Number the clues as you go, and don’t forget to make an answer key for yourself (just in case). Set a time limit for more fun, but be sure to help with the clues if they’re too hard to figure out.