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Six quinceañera tiaras surrounded by roses on a peach colored background.


When they go from girlhood to womanhood, you go all out. We've got Quinceañera gift ideas, party decor, card writing tips and more for her big day.

A gift bag with a slit cut in the side to conceal a money-pull gift feature, where the recipient pulls out a mini card attached to a s

Gifting 10 creative ways to give cash

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, Christmas or just because you love them and think they deserve a special tre...

Quinceañera Card on a party background

Quinceañera What to Write in a Quinceañera Card

If you feel like you don’t know enough about quinceañeras and you want the right words to tell the guest of honor you...

Tissue-paper flower backdrop

Tissue-paper flower backdrop

Giant tissue paper flowers are gathered together to craft a picture-perfect party backdrop. Honor the birthday girl w...

Tiara centerpieces

Tiara centerpieces

These fun and easy DIY centerpieces can hold flameless votive candles or—even better—wishes and blessings for the gue...

Ruffled crepe paper streamers

Ruffled crepe paper streamers

Ruffled crepe paper streamers add a festive flair to any celebration. You can make these fun and frilly DIY party str...

Giftology: How to Wrap a Present

Gift Wrapping Giftology: how to wrap a present

Want to wrap a gift and have it look not just OK, but flawless? It’s easy. From wrapping a simple box to simply st...

15 in flowers

Quinceañera Tips for making the most of your quinceañera

Once upon a not-so-long-ago time, I was a young girl about to cumplir quince, or turn 15. In my family’s ...

Quinceañera celebration ideas

Quinceañera Favorite quinceañera celebration memories and traditions

Quinceañera celebrations vary in different Hispanic cultures as well as from family to family. Some go fo...

DIY quinceanera decorations

Quinceañera DIY quinceañera decorations

For lots of girls, the quinceañera is the day that they have dreamed about for years. And why not—it’s one of the ...

What is a Quinceanera

Quinceañera What is a Quinceañera?

Quinceañera is the Spanish word for a girl who is 15 years old. Among Latinos in the Unite... will be back up soon

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