DIY quinceanera decorations to make her sweet 15 a royal delight

DIY quinceanera decorations

For lots of girls, the quinceañera is the day that they have dreamed about for years. And why not—it’s one of the rare times when everybody stops and makes it all about her! So if you’re planning a celebration for a special quince, try a few of these easy DIY quinceañera decorations and perfect-for-a-princess party ideas to help make her dreams come true.

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Framed-up photo ops

Framed-up photo ops

Spray paint an ornate open frame with the party girl’s favorite color and let her and her guests have fun taking snapshots as the center of attention. You can find these frames at craft stores, but using an old family frame makes it even more personal.

Ruffled crepe paper streamers

Ruffled streamers

Ruffled crepe paper streamers will add a dash of frilly, feminine flair to her quinceañera celebration. Just gather three colors of crepe paper streamers and your sewing machine to make these easy, ruffled party decorations.

Tiara centerpieces

Tiara centerpieces

These fun and easy table decorations can hold flameless votive candles or—even better—wishes and blessings for the guest of honor. Just place pens and fancy notes nearby so guests can share their wishes for the birthday girl. She can read and enjoy her notes from friends and family long after the party is over.

Tissue-paper flower backdrop

Flower-power backdrop

Giant tissue paper flowers are gathered together to craft a picture-perfect party backdrop great for the cake table or photo op for the happy 15-year-old with her friends and family. Honor your quince with her age or initials spelled out in a burst of colorful blooms—whatever you choose to create, this easy tissue paper backdrop is sure to make a big impact.

Dressed-up cakes

Dressed-up cakes

What better way to show off the day’s supreme fashionista than with cupcakes decorated to match her party dress? Decorate cupcakes with frosting (we used three different colors) using a Wilton® No. 104 Petal Decorating Tip. Place the tip with the largest part nearest the cupcake and make a zigzag pattern, starting at the outermost edge of the cupcake. Make one zigzag row for each color. Then insert a frosted heart-shaped cookie (point first) into the center of the cupcake and cover over the joined area with some colored candy dragées (available at cake-decorating stores and some craft stores). Or, you could pipe a line of frosting over the joint.

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