Presents with anniversary years

Anniversary Anniversary gifts by year

There are a lot of anniversary gift lists out there. Most hit the major milestones with traditional and modern the...

An illustration of a hand holding a bouquet of flowers in shades of pink, light orange, yellow and white.

Anniversary 85+ anniversary gift ideas to celebrate the day you said “I do”

Look, here’s the situation—my wife and I have been together more than 20 years, which means there have definitely bee...

A gift bag with a slit cut in the side to conceal a money-pull gift feature, where the recipient pulls out a mini card attached to a s

Gifting 10 creative ways to give cash

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, Christmas or just because you love them and think they deserve a special tre...

Number 20 with symbols for china [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: China Modern: Platinum

A china bowl with a green and gold rim since on top of a china plate with a scalloped rim and a dark purple rose pattern; at the bottom of the bowl is the number 18 in gold metallic lettering, symbolizing the traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift of china.

Anniversary 18th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Porcelain Modern: Porcelain

Number 15 with symbols for crystal [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Crystal Modern: Watches

Number 14 with symbols for gold jewelry [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional/Modern: Gold Jewelry * Note: The traditional 14th year anniversary gift wa...