19th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The number 19 is wrought in bronze-colored metal and sits atop a bronze-colored, metallic, wavy surface, symbolizing the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift, bronze.

Traditional: Bronze

Modern: Bronze

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19th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give


  • Get playful and gift them a special bronze coin: One side has your initial on it, the other has theirs. Pull out the coin when it’s time to decide what’s for dinner or where to go for a weekend escape.
  • Find a favorite picture of the two of you and place it in this bronze-tipped frame.
  • Bronze cufflinks will be the finishing touch for your spouse’s formal attire.   



  • Surprise your spouse with a pair of stylish “penny” loafers if they’re a sartorial star. 
  • Commission a custom-made bronze monogram sign with the year of your marriage to hang outside of your home.


What to write

What to write in a 19th anniversary card

  • “This may be our bronze anniversary, but you always come in first in my heart.”
  • “This marriage is stronger than it’s ever been, and I have you to thank for that.”
  • “I don’t care what the cat thinks. I love you! Happy anniversary.” 


What to write about in a 19th anniversary love letter

  • What you’re looking forward to experiencing with your spouse this year
  • A few old habits you’re leaving behind in your 19th year of marriage—and a few new habits you hope to pick up this year
  • How much you’ve loved watching your spouse evolve over 19 years of marriage


How to celebrate

  • Take a walk through a sculpture garden and see if you can find any bronze works!
  • Head to a local sporting event and cheer for your favorite team (or a team you’ve never heard of).
  • Belly up to your favorite pub and order a mule in a bronze-colored mug. Cheers!

19th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family  

What to give

  • Gift your favorite couple a piece of pretty, bronze cookware, like a pot or kettle.
  • Send a bouquet of chrysanthemums, the 19th anniversary flower.
  • Find a bronze-colored pot and plant a few kitchen herbs in it for the couple to grow and use.


What to write in a 19th anniversary card

  • “Wishing you all the best as you celebrate your strong, solid love!”
  • “Happy anniversary to a couple that knows that laughter is the key to a long marriage.”
  • “Watching your relationship grow over 19 years is inspiring. Happy anniversary!”  


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