20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Number 20 with symbols for china [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Traditional: China

Modern: Platinum

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For spouses

Feeling creative? Make them a coffee mug or cereal bowl. Buy a plain white mug or bowl (or a few, if you’re worried about messing up). Write a simple message or a favorite quote on it with a black porcelain pen. Bake it in a 150-degree oven for 30 minutes. That’s it!


If you never got fancy wedding china, if your tastes have changed over the years or if you’d love a set of dishes just for the holidays, now would be a great time to treat yourself. Picking out a china pattern together will make you feel like newlyweds again.

For another couple

Buy them a serving bowl or extra place setting of their wedding china, because chances are, something has broken by now.


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