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18th wedding anniversary gift ideas

A china bowl with a green and gold rim since on top of a china plate with a scalloped rim and a dark purple rose pattern; at the bottom of the bowl is the number 18 in gold metallic lettering, symbolizing the traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift of china.

Traditional: Porcelain

Modern: Porcelain

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18th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give


  • What goes well with a porcelain teapot? Tea, of course! Gift your spouse some comforting tea and a cute tea towel to go with.
  • A porcelain ornament celebrating your anniversary is a simple, sweet gift.  



  • Treat yourselves to an afternoon tea service at a fancy hotel in a new city or in your own!
  • Arrange 18 roses in a porcelain vase to surprise your love. 


What to write

What to write in an 18th anniversary card

  • “Our marriage is finally old enough to vote, and my vote is always you.”
  • “18 years is a long time, but it feels just like yesterday that we said ‘I do.’ Best decision ever!”
  • “Remember that time you made me laugh so hard I spit out my soda? Let’s do more of that this year. I’ll bring the mop.”


What to write about in an 18th anniversary love letter

  • What you’d say to your 18-year-old selves about your relationship if you could go back in time
  • A few of your favorite funny moments together from the past year
  • How you plan to be the best partner ever in your 18th year of marriage


How to celebrate

  • Visit a museum to learn about the history of porcelain, which was invented in China.
  • Take a pottery painting class together and paint your own porcelain plates.
  • Buy some plants and herbs at a local nursery and plant a garden in your backyard.

18th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family  

What to give


 What to write in an 18th anniversary card

  • “Wishing you a sweet and happy 18th anniversary.”
  • “It’s been a privilege witnessing your marriage grow for 18 whole years.”
  • “18 years and you two are more in love than ever! Cheers to that.”  


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