An indoor picnic setup for Mother's Day, with a black and white striped blanket on the floor; sitting on the blanket is a round wooden serving tray with a tall, round cake decorated with pale icing and a banner on top that reads,

Mother's Day How to make an indoor picnic for Mom this Mother’s Day

It’s not always a picnic trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, but creating an indoor picnic can be! With...

A lettered quote meant to comfort those who are grieving the death of their partner on Valentine's Day; the quote is presented in dark blue script on a light purple background, surrounded by simple light gray heart illustrations; the quote reads,

Valentine's Day Ways to find comfort and hope when you’re grieving on Valentine’s Day (or support someone who is)

Grief is always hard, but especially on Valentine’s Day. From social media to stores to kids’ classrooms, it can feel...

A lettered quote meant for those who are struggling with a breakup or divorce on or near Valentine's Day; the quote is set in dark blue script on a light purple background, and is embellished with light gray heart illustrations; the quote reads,

Valentine's Day How to survive Valentine’s Day after a divorce or breakup

We know that ending a relationship can be extremely heartbreaking. It’s a very significant loss, and when Valentine’s...

A Christmas tablescape featuring Hallmark Celebrate! partyware products like dark green hexagon-shaped plates and dark green and white plaid napkins; at the center of the table is a traditional yule log cake covered in chocolate frosting and meringue marshmallows, sitting on a simple white cake stand; nearby is a set of mod gold candle holders with white, twisted candles in them; behind the scene is a banner that says

Parties & Entertaining Photo-worthy holiday tablescapes: 40+ Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve table decoration ideas 

I’ve always loved interior design. This has resulted in hours of gazing at stylish tablescapes, reveling in the color...

A bouquet of flowers in a metallic vase in a moodily lit environment.

Lifestyle How to Write an Obituary: What to Say About the Life of a Loved One

Summarizing a loved one’s life can feel like an impossible task, especially when you’re grieving. It’s even more chal...

A scattering of flowers crafted entirely out of paper, including carnations, daffodils, asters and violets.

Lifestyle 20 creative and meaningful flower arrangement ideas

Flowers are so special. Their fleeting freshness and beauty ensure that we soak up every moment of their vivid colors...

A vintage botanical print of zinnias.

Birthday The language of flowers: Flower meanings and birth flowers

Whether it’s a bouquet arranged with love or dainty blossoms dusting an old country field, flowers are reminders that...

An illustration of a stack of wedding gifts wrapped in various patterns, like stripes, polka dots and florals.

Wedding Wedding gift etiquette for everyone

Let me guess: It’s wedding season. And here you are again, searching the internet for the appropriate present to give...

A lettered sentiment that reads,

Sympathy Grief and the Holidays: Supporting Friends through Difficult Days

Many of our favorite holiday memories include family members and our closest friends. So it’s no surprise that peo...

Illustration of a woman sitting in a window seat with a cat at her feet

Christmas Single During the Holidays? How to Have Fun and Stay Connected

To all the awesome unattached folks out there: I get it. Winter is coming. And you are single—during the holidays.

Red and Kraft brown gifts topped with DIY wrapping paper bows.

Gift Wrapping Make DIY Wrapping Paper Bows with Exclusive Hallmark Gift Wrap

If you’re wanting to make a big impression with the tiniest bit of effort, try making DIY wrapping paper bows.

Friends taking a selfie

Care & Concern How to Support a Friend or Loved One in Need

At an early age, I lost my older brother, John, unexpectedly. He was on a dream trip, hiking the majestic Grand Ca...