Make DIY Wrapping Paper Bows with Exclusive Hallmark Gift Wrap

Red and Kraft brown gifts topped with DIY wrapping paper bows.

If you’re wanting to make a big impression with the tiniest bit of effort, there’s nothing like DIY wrapping paper bows. They’re fun, unique and super easy to make without looking super easy to make, which makes us love them even more. 

Here are some tips for making and ideas for using DIY wrapping paper bows, from gift bling to party decor. All you need are a few supplies and your unabashed creativity…and you’ll be on a roll. (Too much?)

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How to make DIY Wrapping Paper Bows  

Gifts topped with wrapping paper bows and gift wrap with bow template on reverse side.

What you’ll need

  • Exclusive Hallmark Gift Wrap with bow templates (patent pending!), step-by-step instructions and cut-lines (for extra fun, use more than one design)
  • A wrapped present or gift bag (or someone who loves wearing bow ties)
  • Scissors
  • A flat, clutter-free workspace
  • Clear tape 

Unroll your roll
Spread out your roll wrap with the non-fancy side facing you—that’s where you’ll find the templates.

Hands cutting out wrapping paper bow template.

Find the template
Use scissors to cut out the rectangular section that contains the three pieces of the bows, marked A, B and C.

Cut out the bows
Follow the lines and cut out shape A (this will be the middle layer), shape B (it looks like a double fishtail) and shape C (the tab).

Hands folding wrapping paper bows.

Fold the bow
Start with shape A: Following the dotted lines on the template, fold the paper on the ends and in the center.

Attach the bottom
Bring each end to the middle and tape the folded tabs down with clear tape. The designed side of the wrapping paper should be facing up now.

Hands folding and attaching bow to bottom piece.

Put them together
Fold shape B on the dotted lines on the template. Flip it over to the pretty side and place shape A in the center.

Wrap it up
Wrap shape C around the middle of shapes A and B.

Hands tapping wrapping paper bow on present.

Tape it together
Tape the bow together on the bottom side.

Pop it on a present
Attach your DIY wrapping paper bow to your gift.

More ways to use DIY wrapping paper bows  

Gift with polka dot wrapping paper and matching DIY wrapping paper bow.

Your gorgeous paper bows are perfect for all kinds of holidays, special occasions and everyday sprucing. Try these tips…

  • Make bows in different sizes, mixing and matching wrapping paper in different designs and colors.
  • Tape a bunch of bows to a length of baker’s twine, yarn or jute to create a garland for your holiday party or birthday bash.
  • Add them to gift bags and envelopes for that extra wow-factor.
  • Dress up a hostess gift, like wine or a plate of cookies, with a paper bow…then prepare for the oohs and ahhs.
  • Glue a barrette or bobby pin to the back of your paper bow to coordinate your ‘do with your party.
DIY wrapping paper bow garland and gift bag bow.
  • Attach multiple bows to presents. The more bows, the better.
  • Layer three different sizes of shape A to give your bow extra dimension (above).
  • Tape to your dog’s collar for an impromptu photoshoot for your Insta feed.
  • Make a bunch for a busy friend who’s overwhelmed with the holiday hustle-bustle. Then throw a gift-wrapping party.