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Lifestyle 50+ Inspiring, Empowering Quotes for Women

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Three Black women supporting each other

Care & Concern Listen, Believe and Be Present: How We Can Support Black Friends

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Self-care for black women

Care & Concern Self-Care for My Sisters: Letting the “Strong Black Woman” Rest

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It’s self-preservation…” —Poet Audre Lorde...

Care & Concern To Care is Human: Why and How to Show You Care

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What is Self Care?

Care & Concern What is Self-Care?

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This year, I will love the work in progress that is me. - Loving Selfcare Quote

Lifestyle Self-Care Quotes - Because You Deserve Them

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Care & Concern How to Be More Caring: Practical Tips from Thoughtful People

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Lifestyle 10 Ways to Have More Time for Relationships

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Christmas This One’s for the Modern Merrymakers: How to Make Meaningful Holiday Traditions

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Parties & Entertaining What Makes a Welcoming Home?

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