Encouragement 30+ Reasons to Celebrate and Recognize Women This Year (and Every Year)

As women, even with everything going on around us, we still have something to celebrate—ourselves! We’re empowered to...

Hannah's DIY travel games kit, tucked inside a clear plastic pouch.

Lifestyle DIY Travel Games: Fun Road Trip Activities

You gotta love a good road trip: friends and family piled in the car, eating food that has no calories (because road ...

A writing desk covered with journals, pens, markers and paper; on the wall in front of the desk is a bulletin board covered with notes and pictures.

Lifestyle 50 Topics for Your Mindfulness Journal

So you’ve found the perfect journal and you’ve got your favorite pen handy. Wondering where to begin? Don’t worry. If...

A hand writing in a mixed media journal, surrounded by art supplies like Washi tape, scissors and markers.

Lifestyle 30+ Self-Care Journal Prompts

As a writer, journaling is pretty much my go-to self-care tool. When I need to check in with myself, scribble down so...

A line drawing of hands holding up a multicolored heart.

Care & Concern Uplifting With Love is How We Do

Since the very beginnings of our Black communities, uplifting people with love has always been key to our collective ...

Two Morgan Harper Nichols cards from her Real Stories Collection that read,

Lifestyle Behind the Scenes of Morgan Harper Nichols’ New Real Stories Collection

Even if you haven’t heard the name Morgan Harper Nichols, it’s likely that you’ve seen her work. Because, well, it’s ...

Paper collage with a slip of paper that reads,

Lifestyle Journaling Ideas for Self-Care

I bought my very first journal when I was nine. My mom had to lend me the 23 cents I was short. I know this because I...

How to journal: 5 reasons, 3 ways, and 9+ styles

Lifestyle How to journal: 5 reasons, 3 ways, and 9+ styles

Start journaling today with our easy guide on how and why to journal

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New Year's Why New Year’s Day is the Perfect Time to Update Your Address Book

You know those little lifestyle or organization tips that you hear about and you’re like, “That’s so simple—why didn’...

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Christmas Single During the Holidays? How to Have Fun and Stay Connected

To all the awesome unattached folks out there: I get it. Winter is coming. And you are single—during the holidays.

I am my family’s refuge, and they are mine. —Melvina Young

Family Making Home a Healing Place

I looked at my daughter’s face and knew she needed sanctuary. She needed haven from the constant flow of ne...

USA flag with red poppies

Lifestyle Military Appreciation Holidays: How We Honor Service Members

Military appreciation holidays and Military Appreciation Month are how we all get to salute those who have served,...