Card messages for kids: What to write in a kid’s holiday card and more

A kids card that reads,

My 3-year-old was having a hard time at preschool drop-off. Dragging his feet. Asking to stay home. This went on a few days, but then his teacher did the kindest thing: She wrote him a note. 

 And that note did the trick. He lit up when I read it to him, he held on to it all day, and the next day drop-off was easy again.

So what was the message? It was simple and positive. It was age-appropriate and fun. 

And that’s how we’ve approached these card messages for kids. Whether it’s a get-well card or a Christmas card, you’ll always know what to write to make them smile on holidays or every day. 

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Christmas Wishes for Kids  

When “Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!” is too played out, use these ideas for what to write in Christmas cards for kids. You can find Christmas message inspiration for everyone else on your list here.


  • Happy Jesus’ Birthday!
  • God bless you at Christmas and always.
  • I think Jesus wants you to party hard on His birthday.
  • You’re way high up on my Christmas prayer list!
  • You’re always on God’s Nice List.
  • Hope Christmas gets you thinking about miracles, from the tiniest snowflake to the big joy of baby Jesus’ birth.
  • Merry Christmas to a great kid who’s a blessing all year long.
  • Wishing you all the merry Jesus has to offer this Christmas.



  • What am I wishing you? Just the merriest Christmas ever is all.
  • Have a merry Christmas, or I’m telling SANTA.
  • You’re always on my nice list.
  • Ho-Ho-Holy reindeer! Hope your holidays are merry!
  • Hope you’re elf-fully jolly!
  • You’re Santa’s favorite! (I took a North Poll.)
  • Glad tidings to you! (That’s old people speak for Merry Christmas)
  • Hope Santa’s super nice to you this year!
  • You’re definitely Nice List material.

Hanukkah Wishes for Kids  

Chag Sameach! A celebratory Hanukkah message can brighten someone’s day. Find Hanukkah wishes for the whole family—even blended families—in our full article

  • Wishing eight special nights for one very special kid.
  • Your awesomeness shines as brightly as a menorah!
  • Have so much fun that the season leaves your head spinning like a dreidel!
  • Dreidel champions, unite! Wishing you fun this Hanukkah.
  • Festive and fun? Sounds like Hanukkah…and you!
  • Wishing you a LATKE fun this Hanukkah!
  • Wishing you lots of love, hugs…and gelt!

Valentine Messages for Kids  

Valentine cards aren’t just for school exchanges. Remind kids you love them on Valentine’s Day and every day with these messages for kids. 

  • All the love, all for you!
  • You always make my heart a lil’ happier.
  • Just wanted to say hi on the huggiest day of the year!
  • My candy heart is sweet on you.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you today is about love. Enjoy the candy!
  • I’m all heart eyes for you. 
  • Cupid isn’t stupid. He made me love you.
  • Just a happy little Valentine reminder that you’re loved a lot!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue…something, something, I love you!
  • Hope your day is filled with love. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Easter Wishes for Kids  

Easter cards for kids are all about fun and faith. Find even more Easter messages here. 


  • Faith, hope and love to the sweetest kiddo.
  • A happy Easter day to one of God’s children.
  • Easter means love. So do you!
  • God bless you from Easter sunrise to sunset.
  • A basketful of blessings for you.
  • Jesus loves you and so do I.
  • Jesus is risen! Happy Easter.
  • Happy Resurrection Day, with love and hugs.
  • High five, Jesus is alive!
  • Wishing you a beautiful day of blessings!



  • Hoppy Easter!
  • Have an egg-cellent Easter! 
  • Somebunny thinks you’re cute and funny!
  • Wishing you a basketful of fun! 
  • Know who makes the Easter Bunny’s pants? The cottontail-er!
  • Hope it’s eggs-actly perfect.
  • Hope your Easter is eggs-tra fun!
  • Hope nobody tries to make you peel your own hard-boiled eggs today.
  • Hope you totally dominate the Easter egg hunt!

Halloween Messages for Kids  

Scare up some fun with creepy (or cute) Halloween messages for kids. Need more? Head over to our full Halloween wishes article.

  • Hope you can scare up a lot of fun!
  • What did the ghost in the mirror say? “Oob!” Have a HA-HA-Happy Halloween!
  • I’m wishing you all treats, no tricks.
  • Hope you get all the best candy on the block. 
  • Hope it’s a “full-size candy bars only” kinda Halloween!
  • Forget you at Halloween? Not a ghost of a chance!
  • Hope your costume turns out perfect and you have a super-fun night.
  • No worries this Halloween—monsters aren’t real. Except that one RIGHT BEHIND YOU!  AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!
  • Hope it’s monstrously fun!
  • Tricks or treats? Well, treats! Duh!
  • Rock that costume and chow down on some treats!
  • Hope today’s totally boo-tiful.

First Communion Wishes and More for Kids  

Share your faith journey and encourage their own with a message in a baptism, first communion or confirmation card. 

From anyone

  • God bless you during this momentous occasion.
  • Always keep the faith, little one.
  • The happiest life is one lived for God. 
  • Congratulations on your First Communion! So happy to see you taking this important step in your faith walk.
  • It takes real courage to proclaim your faith for all to hear. So proud of you.
  • Sending so much love on this most momentous day!
  • This is such a milestone—blessed to be a part of it!
  • So proud of you on this special day.


From godparent

  • I’m so proud of you, sweetie.
  • You’re forever loved and we’re forever proud.
  • So proud to be blessed with a godchild like you.
  • I’ve really been blessed in the godchild department.
  • A godchild like you is a gift for the heart.
  • Your baptism day seems like a good chance to remind you that I’ll always be here to walk with you in your faith journey—and for anything else you need.
  • I’m so blessed to be here for your spiritual journey.

Thinking of You Messages for Kids  

Sending a card just because is a great way to let kids know you’re thinking of them and on their side. It might just give them the confidence boost they need to keep on keepin’ on. 

  • You make me smile just by being you. 
  • The world is lucky to have you. And so am I. 
  • Just wanted to say I love you. Because I do.
  • Life can be pretty life-y sometimes. It’s hard, and I hope you know that I know that. 
  • I’d want you on my team any day. Let’s go, team. 😊
  • I love to see you work hard and play hard. Keep it up! 
  • You rock! You roll! You rule the world! 
  • I know we live far away, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see you kicking butt. Keep it up. 

Get-Well Wishes for Kids  

From a broken limb to an ongoing illness, being sick really sucks. Show them you care with a get-well card. And remember: For little ones “get well soon” can be tricky because “soon” might mean the next day or the next hour.  

Broken limb/acute illness

  • Ouch! Heal quickly, OK?
  • Can I sign your cast?
  • This is an excuse for extra ice cream.
  • Did you CRACK the doctors up?
  • You’re a brave kid. Hope you’re all better really soon.
  • Sorry to hear what happened! Hope you’ve got lots of good shows to watch.
  • OK. I think we’ve proven you can’t fly.
  • Broken parts heal. Because the body is awesome.
  • This must be so frustrating for you! Rest up, heal and soon you’ll be back to your old self.



  • Don’t let the nurses fool you—they have extra Jell-O in the back.
  • Extra time to lay around and play video games! Who knew?!
  • Extra days out of school?! That’s pretty sweet.
  • At least no P.E. for a while.
  • Rest up, relax and get ready for some fun when you’re back home! 
  • You can finally catch up on your homework—yeah, right!
  • People will visit you and bring you gifts. Not a bad setup at all!
  • Just know that outside this hospital building, there are a bunch of people who love you a lot!
  • Someday you’ll leave the hospital, and you won’t have to eat crummy hospital food again. Wishing for that day to come soon.
  • Pajamas all day? Meals in bed? What’s not to like? 


Chronic/ongoing illness

  • I know this is hard. I’m here to help you through it. 
  • I know this sucks. It’s an appropriate time to use that word.  
  • I’m telling the universe to pick on someone else, OK? 
  • Cancer (or whatever the illness) is stupid. And I’ll tell that to Cancer’s face. 😊
  • Sick sucks, right?
  • Praying for you. And I’m an excellent prayer.
  • You’re stronger than you know. And also more loved.
  • Cancer’s no match for you. I know it. 

Sympathy Messages for Kids  

Kids have all the same big emotions as adults. These age-appropriate messages for sympathy cards will help you acknowledge those feelings so kids can process their loss. Find more sympathy messages here

Loss of pet

  • [Daisy] was the best [dog/cat]. I miss [him/her], too. 
  • Dog hair sticks around forever—a lot like dog love. 
  • You were such a great family member to your pet.
  • Losing a best friend is so hard. Pets are family, plain and simple. I’m wishing you lots of love right now.
  • Dog heaven is all big backyards and slobbery tennis balls.
  • A cat like that will live in your heart forever.
  • You and your pet were so lucky to have each other. I’m really sorry for your loss.
  • The rainbow bridge is even more beautiful with your buddy there.
  • All the dogs and cats and bunnies and ponies and fireflies and ladybugs are there to greet your sweet pet as they cross the rainbow bridge. Because every special soul gets to go and that’s so beautiful.


Loss of family member/friend

  • This kind of good-bye is the hardest. So it’s OK if you’re having the hardest time with it.
  • I wish you didn’t have to say good-bye to someone so special to you. Feeling sad along with you.
  • Our loved ones stay in our hearts. There’s actually enough room for them there!
  • We carry our loved ones around in our hearts. But don’t worry, they’re not heavy at all.
  • We can leave earth, but we can never leave hearts. Love lasts looooonnng after you’ve said good-bye.
  • Things are so hard right now—just know that you’re surrounded by people who are here to help.
  • I’m here for whatever you need: a hug, a cry or just someone to listen.
  • Remember everyone who loves you.
  • It’s OK to hurt. Or to cry. Or to be mad. Paying attention to how we feel is how we heal.
  • Losing someone is difficult but we can always hold on to their memories.
  • My hug is always here for you.

Pro tip: If you’re sending a card by mail, give the parents a heads-up so they can involve the kid in the whole process: the trip to the mailbox, opening the envelope and, depending on the age, sounding out the words or reading them aloud. A little independence and ownership will make the message that much more special. 

Closing Messages for Kids  

You can sign off with a funny quip or a quick message of love. Just match the tone of your closing to the tone of the card. 

  • I’m always here for you, [Papa]
  • Your favorite aunt, [Allie]
  • Love you, kiddo. 
  • Smiles and hugs, 
  • I’m so proud of you, [Name].
  • Sincerely silly,
  • High five,
  • Warmly,
  • With love,
  • Fist bumps from afar,
  • Peace out,
  • TTYL,


Feel free to mix and match these ideas to make the just-right message for your kiddo’s card. We hope now you feel like you’ll always know what to write in a kids’ card, whether it’s for a holiday or any day. Make sure you save this article for any time you need to send a sweet wish to a special kid in your life.


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