Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Meaningful, Personal Gifts for Every Mom You Know

It can be tough to come up with gift ideas for Mom. Most of us want to give her something meaningful: a gift that shows our gratitude for who she is and all she does. (It’s a lot!) No matter the budget, we’ve got some Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you show she’s appreciated, known and, more than anything, so loved.

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The gift moms want most—really  

Research tells us that more than anything, moms want to hear words from the heart. She wants you to express how much she means to you and how much you love her. There are lots of appropriate ways to do that (sorry, but texting on Mother’s Day doesn’t count) but we think the best way is with a beautiful, heartfelt card for her to display and keep for always.

Mother’s Day gifts for moms with kids at home  

No one is busier than moms with young kids. Between practices, playdates and to-do lists, they have little time to themselves. Here are some gift ideas for the do-it-all moms in your life:

  • Moms who are always on the go (does the driving ever end?) likely don’t have time to pamper themselves. Give her a high-quality lotion, soap or spa set to help her feel a little luxury.
  • Show her you know her. Got a Harry Potter lover? Star Wars fanatic? Peanuts® collector? Disney fan? Choose a gift to honor Mom’s favorite movie, character, fandom or sports team.
  • Lots of mamas are powered by love and caffeine. Grab a travel tumbler or mug she can take with her on the go-go-go.
  • Invite the kiddos on a playdate so she can spend a day alone. Sure, she might spend it cleaning, shopping or running errands. But you can encourage a little self-care with a gift card for a coffee shop or local bookstore.
  • Treat her to a nice bottle of wine with a wineglass with her name on it (that name being “Mom”).

Mother’s Day gifts for your mom and bff  

She always answers your texts and helps with the big things, little things and a thousand in-between things. No one could take her place in your life. Show her how much she means with these gift ideas:

  • Compose a heartfelt, handwritten letter telling her what you admire about her, what she’s taught you and what a difference she makes in your life every day.
  • There’s no gift more meaningful than the gift of time together. Plan a road trip or weekend getaway just for the two of you. Bonus points for cheesy matching t-shirts or hats.
  • Do a Mother’s Day DIY project. Create a photo slideshow…paint, cross-stitch or draw something, or put your creative talent to use in another way to create a gift just for her.
  • Make a Mother-Daughter Diary. Pick out a pretty journal and pass it back and forth, each adding your thoughts and ephemera until the pages are overflowing with memories. Things to include: snapshots, ticket stubs, pressed leaves and flowers, quotes, sketches, lists and, of course, notes about your day.

Mother’s Day gifts for moms-to-be and new moms  

The first Mother’s Day is such a special and important one for new mamas. They’re excited, exhausted and basking in all the milestones (and new baby smell). Show them love with these ideas:

  • Take the stress off. Order a cleaning service to come tidy up her home. She can use the time for snuggling instead of sweeping.
  • Make it easy for her to record and remember the special details of these early days. Gift her a baby book or journal to jot down sweet memories and milestones.
  • She likely received a ton of congratulatory cards when baby was born. Help her get them out of a shoebox and into a lovely keepsake with a card keeper.
  • Give her a cozy date night in. Many new mamas aren’t comfortable leaving their babies just yet. A gift card for her favorite restaurant (or food delivery service) and something comfy-cute, like a supersoft throw blanket, set her up for dinner and a Hallmark Channel movie, right from the couch.

Mother’s Day gifts for single moms  

Single moms are hard workers, caretakers…and tired. Show them extra love for all they do with these ideas:

  • Pair up an offer to babysit with a gift card for some much-needed pampering. Maybe it’s for a spa mani/pedi or massage, or a movie and snacks, or her favorite shop and a nearby coffee stop.
  • Pick a date and spend time helping her around the house. Take on any to-do’s like painting or touching up nail holes, hanging shelves or putting together furniture, small repairs, weeding or planting in the garden. Surprise her with a gift card to a home improvement store or garden center, too.
  • Give her some free time in the evenings. Set her up with a week or month-long subscription for a ready-made meal-kit service. Deliver the news with a cute kitchen towel, oven mitt or recipe organizer.
  • She likely doesn’t treat herself often (what mom does?), so give her something she doesn’t have to share—like a handbag, indulgent sweets, bath and body sets—or something else she loves.

Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers  

No one outgrows Grandma’s love. Whether the gift is from the littles in her life or a grateful grown-up, express your love and thanks with these ideas:

  • Compile her favorite recipes, either new or beloved for generations. Especially if they’re just clipped or jotted down or stuck on index cards inside her kitchen cabinets, give her a nice way to store them. You can take pictures of hers, copy them onto cards, enter them in a file or—only with permission—gently and carefully transfer them to a book or box.
  • What grandma doesn’t want photos of the world’s most beautiful kids on full display? Give her a new frame or album to show off her new little loves.
  • Give a meaningful piece of jewelry, like a necklace or bracelet featuring each child’s birthstones or fingerprints.
  • Create a family memory book for her so she can share photos beyond her phone. Gather pics from her extended family—or just spotlight yours—print them out and load them into an album she can share (and you KNOW she will).
  • If your grandma is in assisted living or not able to leave her home much, spend some time decorating her space and making it cozy, comfortable and pretty. Besides family photos and keepsakes, you can brighten things up by changing out pillows and throws and add some plants or flowers.

More Mother’s Day gift ideas for any mom or grandma  

We’ve learned a lot from talking to moms about what they want for Mother’s Day. Here are some more of our favorite ideas: