A child's hands color in a Black History Month coloring page. Scattered around the bright yellow work surface are crayons and colored pencils in various colors.

Kids Free Black History Month coloring pages to celebrate with the family or in the classroom

There are so many way to celebrate Black History Month. And we absolutely love the ones that can be done as a family ...

Hands holding an Uplifted and Empowered card that reads,

Card Ideas Uplifted and Empowered: Creating Cards to 
“Put Our Arms Around the Black Community”

In 2021, Mahogany released the 11-card Uplifted and Empowered collection, featuring timely, authentic, inspiring mess...

Uplifted & Empowered Cards on a table

Card Ideas We Matter: Inside the Uplifted and Empowered Collection

The story of Blackness in America is joyous and fiercely beautiful, but it is also stitched with an unending and unju...

A hand lettered quote that reads,

Winter 80+ inspiring quotes for Black History Month

During Black History Month, it’s important to have several ways to share knowledge, celebrate progress and express ho...

Three Black women supporting each other

Care & Concern Listen, Believe and Be Present: How We Can Support Black Friends

As caring people who value our connections with others, we can hardly tune in to the news without witnessing anoth...

USA map wih African-American-inspired colors - Celebrate Black History Month

Winter How to honor and celebrate Black History Month

Get creative ideas, resources and tools that will inspire you to celebrate Black History Month in February and beyond.

Winter What is Black History Month?

Black history carries a richness worth honoring year-round—and Black History Month gives us all a chance to reflec...

Self-care for black women

Care & Concern Self-Care for My Sisters: Letting the “Strong Black Woman” Rest

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It’s self-preservation…” —Poet Audre Lorde...