Special Delivery Snowman Sugar Cookies

Dessert Special Delivery Snowman Sugar Cookies

Make a show-stopping snowman duo based on Hallmark’s 2018 singing snowmen—it’s as cute as the real thing!

Snow Delicious Melted Snowman Cookies

Dessert Snow Delicious Melted Snowman Cookies

Looking for a quick, fun treat for a kids’ holiday party? These melted snowman cookies are adorable, and fun to ma...

Snowman Cake Pops

Dessert Snowman Cake Pops

These sweet treats are a flurry of fun to make. We used cake mix and pre-made frosting to make “snowballs” for di...

Adorable Snowman Dessert Recipes

Christmas Adorable Snowman Dessert Recipes

Celebrate Hallmark’s singing snowmen with these adorable snowmen treats

Four Easy Holiday Desserts from One Gingerbread Mix

Christmas Four Easy Holiday Desserts from One Gingerbread Mix

Nothing tells your senses it’s Christmas like the spicy smell of gingerbread. And even if you’re pressed for time ...

Polar Bear Cupcakes

Dessert Polar Bear Cupcakes

Raise the cute-factor of your cupcakes 1000% by turning them into sweet-faced polar bears. We make it easy with ca...

Snowman Cupcakes

Dessert Snowman Cupcakes

You don’t need a snow day to make a snowman! These double-decker cupcakes are fun to make and even more fun to eat...

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Dessert Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Time to trim the table with holiday cheer! Make your ornament cupcakes with a mix and top them with prepared frost...

Goat Cheese Appetizer Skewers

Appetizer & Snacks Goat Cheese Appetizer Skewers

If you’re a big fan of a local winter farmers’ market, Goat Cheese Appetizer Skewers are for you. Start by choppin...

Baked Brie Phyllo Tarts

Appetizer & Snacks Baked Brie Phyllo Tarts

When your holiday party calls for grown-up appetizers, but you don’t have grown-up patience or adult-level skills,...

Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Appetizer & Snacks Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Special occasions call for fancy snacks. So we’ve taken our all-time favorite snack—pizza—and made it pretty and s...

Brownie Truffles

Dessert Brownie Truffles

If you want to let people know you love them, you give them chocolate. So these Brownie Truffles—brownies dipped i...