A kindness journal about a year of caring.

Care & Concern Be more caring with a kindness journal

It's obvious the world could use more kindness. So this year, why not make "be more caring" your number one resolutio...

Mother's Day tea party decorations in a mug.

Mother's Day Mother's Day tea party decorations

Use our free, customized printable to make these Mother's Day tea party decorations.

Father's Day breakfast decorations in pancakes with

Father's Day Father’s Day breakfast decorations: DIY superhero toppers

Make these superhero Father’s Day breakfast decorations— but they’re great for any of your heroes and any occasion.

Halloween paper crafts of a bat, black cat and pumpkin.

Halloween Halloween paper crafts to celebrate scary season

Carve out some fun with our three easy Halloween paper crafts. Includes patterns and instructions.

A table of Father's Day desserts.

Father's Day Father's Day desserts

Sweeten Dad up with these Father's Day desserts.

Hannah's DIY road trip games kit, tucked inside a clear plastic pouch.

Lifestyle Fun road trip games

You gotta love a good road trip. These fun road trip games will keep brains busy for hours on end.

Halloween treat boxes that looks like monsters.

Halloween Halloween treat boxes

Download these fun Halloween printables to make your own little monsters—Halloween treat boxes, we mean.

Our free, printable, ultimate Christmas to-do list lying on a light pink surface, surrounded by silver tinsel and Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

Christmas The ultimate Christmas to-do list to help you get a jump on holiday planning

For some of us, the Christmas spirit is a year-round lifestyle. Whether it’s decorating the tree with pretty lights ...

Cookie flowers in pink, red and white decorated with hearts, dots and circles.

Dessert Cookie flowers

Bake up some smiles with these adorable cookie flowers. Hallmark cookie expert Bernard Shondell shares his chocolate ...

A Thanksgiving kids table setting featuring a coloring placemat and a DIY place card.

Thanksgiving 4 free printable Thanksgiving activities for the kids table

The kids’ table is the place to be at Thanksgiving: all the fun and none of the responsibility. And because sometimes...

A hand placing a blue striped flag food marker into a sandwich, with tented food labels marked

4th of July Free printable 4th of July decorations

Most of our ideas for summer entertaining include the words "casual" and "easy." But on patriotic holidays, we gotta ...

A little girl with a white bow in her hair colors in a free printable birthday coloring page on a coral-colored surface; surrounding her are more coloring pages, a tray full of crayons in different hues, gift boxes in shades of orange, white, pink and red, and light pink balloons.

Birthday Free birthday coloring pages to add more fun to the celebration

The best birthdays are the ones filled with lots of little treats and fun activities, from sunup to sundown. If you’r...