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Lifting up LGBTQ

Who you are is about more than who you love. And from celebrating LGBTQ loved ones, to helping members of the LGBTQ community find support, we're here for you!

A hand lettered Pride Month quote that reads,

LGBTQ 60+ inspiring LGBTQ quotes for Pride Month

Pride Month is a celebration of history—our moment to honor the resistance and persistence that gave rise to pivotal ...

A collection of illustrated figures celebrating different LGBTQIA occasions like Pride Month, a coming out party, a couples shower, and more.

LGBTQ Pride party ideas and everyday celebration inspiration for the LGBTQ community

We all know that Pride Month is a wonderful time to celebrate and commemorate the LGBTQ community, but it’s certainly...

An illustration of two moms side-hugging as they each hold one of their two children.

Mother's Day What to do when Mother's Day is Mothers' Day: How to celebrate two moms

We announced we were pregnant on Mother's Day. It was the first time my wife Cady and I realized we were about to be ...

A white flag with the word

LGBTQ Easy DIY Pride Flag Ideas

Happy Pride Month, readers! Throughout the month of June, members of the LGBTQ community and their allies have a lot ...

Five pairs of DIY Pride Month sunglasses in different styles

LGBTQ Customize DIY Pride Sunglasses with Free Downloads

It’s Pride Month, and that means getting your rainbow on for parades and parties that celebrate the LGBTQ community. ...

DIY Pride Month keychains and bracelets in a variety of colored stripes symbolizing different parts of the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Make DIY Pride Bracelets and Keychains to Share

Pride Month is a really excellent excuse for a crafternoon,* so we gathered a group of LGBTQ friends and allies to cr...

A woman wearing bright red lipstick and fun Pride Month rainbow sunglasses, smiling with her eyes closed.

LGBTQ Celebrate Pride Month with DIY Accessories, Freebies and More

Are you already planning ways to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month in June? Same. Want to create DIY Pride accessories and ...

What is LGBTQ Pride Month?

LGBTQ What is LGBTQ Pride Month?

Today’s Gay Pride parades, marches and LGBTQ Pride Month were set in motion by events in the summer of 1969 at The...

Cards for LGBTQ+ Friends and Family

Card Ideas What to Write: Meaningful Messages for LGBTQ Friends and Family

From Pride Month and birthdays to National Coming Out Day and wedding anniversaries, we want to uplift, support an...

What to write in an LGBTQ wedding card

Wedding What to Write in an LGBTQ Wedding Card

Got an LGBTQ couple in your life who are tying the knot? That’s fantastic! If you’re feeling a little nervous abou...

two women holding hands

LGBTQ How to Welcome Your Child's LGBTQ Partner to the Family

You’re the proud parent of a newly engaged LGBTQ person: Congratulations! You’re happy for them, excited abo...

Coming out: advice for friends & family

LGBTQ Coming Out: Advice for Friends & Family

On a sunny April day six years ago during a trail walk, my son told me he was gay. He was 14. Outwardly, I respond...