Make DIY Pride bracelets and keychains to share

DIY Pride Month keychains and bracelets in a variety of colored stripes symbolizing different parts of the LGBTQ community.

Pride Month is a really excellent excuse for a crafternoon,* so we gathered a group of LGBTQ friends and allies to create some DIY Pride bracelets and keychains. These colorful, easy-to-make accessories are the perfect way to express yourself at a Pride parade or celebrate your identity every day. 

*An afternoon spent making stuff with good friends, a good playlist and maybe an adult beverage.

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DIY Pride Bracelets  

DIY Pride Month bracelets in a variety of colors.

You can make these bracelets for your fabulous self or to show some love to the amazing LGBTQ people in your life.



  • Embroidery floss: In a literal rainbow of colors.
  • Craft glue: You’ll just need a few dabs for each bracelet.
  • Embroidery needle
  • Leather or suede lace/cord: Craft stores carry it in a variety of widths, colors and lengths. 
  • Cord ends with lobster claw clasps: Make sure they fit your lace/cord.
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
A wide range of cross-stitch floss bundles, laid out in rainbow-colored order across a countertop.

Step One

Gather up all your colored embroidery floss and lay it out in the order you’re planning to wrap it.

A quick online search will turn up designs for all the different LGBTQ flags and the meanings of each color. But the classic Pride rainbow is just the beginning—add black, brown, white, blue and pink floss to make the Progress Pride Flag.

Hands applying hot glue to a piece of leather cord; cross-stitch floss in different colors lays nearby.

Step Two

Measure and cut the cord. To figure out how long your piece of cord will need to be, unravel a bit of it from the spool and wrap it around your wrist, ankle or neck, making it as loose or snug as you prefer. (Get a friend to help if needed.) 

Hold the measurement with your fingers while you lay the cord down on your work surface, then cut. Note that if you have long cord ends or clasps, you may need to trim off a bit of cord.

Put a dot of glue about a half-inch from the end of the cord to secure the embroidery floss.

Pro tip

Make the leather lace or suede cord part of the design by letting more of it show.

A hand holding a piece of leather cord with a piece of light blue floss wrapped around it.

Step Three

Wrap your first color. Secure the end of the floss on the dot of glue. Wrap the floss tightly around the cord to make a band of color.

A pair of hands wrapping pink cross-stitch floss next to light blue floss on a piece of leather cord.

Step 4

Add the next color.  If you’re finished with your first color, use another dot of glue to hold that floss and your next color down, and start wrapping. Snip the first color once it’s secured by the second. If you’re repeating colors, don’t cut the floss. Just wrap over it with the new color, then switch threads when you’re ready.

Hands wrapping green cross-stitch floss around a piece of leather cord.

Step 5

Finish your design. To wrap things up, thread your final color onto an embroidery needle. Push the needle under a half inch or more of the wrapped floss then out, and carefully snip the thread. 

Pro tip


If the wrapped thread looks loose anywhere, add the smallest dabs of glue to hold it down. You can do the same thing at each end of the design for extra hold.


Want to try other types of friendship bracelets? Find instructions here 

DIY Pride Keychains  

DIY Pride Month keychains in a variety of colored stripes symbolizing different parts of the LGBTQ community.

You can never have too many keychains: main keys, backup keys, dogwalker keys, house sitter keys, garden shed keys, gym locker keys…


  • Leather strap, 1/2″ to 3/4″ wide
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Craft glue
  • Leather rivet kit
  • Small hammer
  • 1″ key ring
  • Fineline masking tape (or non-glittery washi tape)
  • Acrylic paint 
Pieces of leather cut and folded over a keyring to make DIY keychains.

Step One

Measure your leather and make the keychain. Cut a piece of leather strap twice as long as you’d like the finished design. 

Fold the leather in half over the keyring and add a little glue between the flaps to hold them in place. Use the punch tool to make a hole in the leather, then set the rivet.


A hand applying strips of masking tape to leather to create diagonal lines.

Step Two

Plan your design. Use the tape to mask off stripes—we liked diagonal and chevron designs.

Step Three

Paint the rainbow. Add your colors, letting each dry completely before painting the next. Once all colors are dry, remove the tape.