Hallmark Artist Alyissa Johnson is throwing a fun and refreshing tiki party inspired by Hallmark Gold Crown’s Summer Barware Collection. She decks out an entire room with vintage tiki vibes using grass skirts, pineapples, and dim lighting. Competing the look are a fun DIY tiki lamp craft, a delicious spiked tropical punch, and tasty tropical cupcakes.

Check out these ideas and more in the video and if you are really feeling those island vibes learn more about tiki icons, drinks, music and more in our tiki 101 article. You will love having a tiki party because the relaxed, campy atmosphere sets your guests at ease, giving everyone an opportunity to connect and have a little more fun. Aloha!

Tiki Party Craft- DIY Tiki Lamp:
Materials Needed: Colored paper (card stock, craft, or construction paper); pencil, scissors, hobby knife, glue stick, glass candle holder, flameless candle

1) Wrap craft paper around the vase. Fit the paper around the vase completely and mark where it needs to be cut to remove excess paper.
2) Cut excess paper.
3) Folder paper in half vertically.
4) Draw one eye, half of nose, and half of mouth along the fold so that when cut and unfolded the face will be complete. (See video for visual)
5) Use scissors to cut mouth and nose.
6) User hobby knife to cut eyes.
7) Unfold paper and admire your tiki face.
8) Use craft paper of complementary color to outline face features and glue them to the tiki face.
9) Make fringe around the top of the tiki by cutting around the top of the paper.
10) Staple the two sides of the paper together to make a cylinder that fits snugly around the glass candle holder.
11) Drop in the flameless candle and enjoy.

Tiki Party Recipe- Tropical Cupcakes:
18oz. package yellow cake mix
16oz. crushed pineapple
1 package instant banana cream pudding (mix only)

1) Make yellow box cake per directions
2) Add pineapple and pudding mix to wet ingredients and fully incorporate
3) Bake as directed

Tiki Party Drink Recipe – Spiked Tropical Punch
1 ounce fresh lime juice
½ ounce demarara syrup
½ ounce cinnamon syrup
1 ounce blended aged rum
1 ounce blended lightly-aged rum
½ ounce brandy
3 dashs angostura bitters
Optional: edible flowers (edible orchids, Sweet William, or pansies)

1) The ingredients listed yield one 4½oz serving. Since recipe is suggested for a larger punch bowl, multiply by the number of drinks desired to fill the bowl.
2) Add edible flowers (optional)


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