Let’s get together: 11 party ideas for adults

A downshot of a bright, colorful craft party table setup; a woman reaches across the table to offer a plate of snacks to another woman who is knitting on the other side of the table.

I believe that the little moments are what really make life special. Don’t get me wrong—I love celebrating the “big” moments, like a friend’s wedding or the holiday season with family. But life isn’t only “big” moments. It’s also made up of everyday moments that I’d like to think are equally special. It’s happy hours that turn into dinners with co-workers who are also friends and inside jokes made with friends during coffee catchups and movie nights. Those are the moments I love the most. 

Any time I can create one of these memorable everyday moments, I’m in. That’s why I came up with this list of 11 party ideas for adults—to inspire you to make your next hangtime something extra special. The best part? You don’t have to have a reason to get together beyond wanting to have a good time. And these affordable, easy-to-pull-off party ideas will make sure of that.

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Craft party  

A downshot of a bright, colorful craft party table set with Celebrate! partyware in shades of blue and bright yellow; next to this is a scene from the craft party, in which a smiling woman knits while talking to her friend across the table who is doing cut paper art.

Crafting with your besties is meditation and hangtime all in one. A craft party is an easy get-together to host, even on a weeknight. Here’s how:

  • Pick a project even your non-crafty friends can handle. How about these DIY keychains or a flower crown? 
  • Dress up a table with these blue watercolor dot plates and stripe napkins. Mix and match these yellow grid plates and napkins for a custom look. 
  • Because you’re putting your energy into crafting, keep snacks easy. Find your favorite after-school snacks from when you were a kid—maybe a guilty pleasure or two—and dig in. 
  • Turn on some lo-fi tunes and zen out while you and your friends get creative.  

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PowerPoint party  

It’s like homework, but fun. Make some memories, give hot takes and share laughs as each of you gives short presentations on topics of your choice: which TV sitcom character each of your friends are, favorite vacation spots, why Bagel Bites are better than Pizza Rolls—it’s all up for grabs. Setting up this shindig on the cheap is easy: 

  • Place cozy blankets on the couch—here’s one for your diehard Friends fan—and make pillows plentiful so your pals can settle in to listen to your three-minute speech about your celebrity childhood crushes. 
  • Don’t forget to have a laptop and phone charger (or two) on hand to make sure every presentation runs smoothly.
  • These funky patterned mod square dessert plates are perfect for snack time, and if you and your friends have a competitive streak, they can double-duty as scorecards. 
  • At the end of everyone’s presentation, let your pals know just how sharp their presentation skills really are with a one-to-ten rating scale. 
  • You can also hand out awards at the end of the party, such as Most Persuasive Preso, Funniest, Weirdest or Most Predictable.

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Famous couples party  

Are your friends dead ringers for Victoria and David Beckham? First of all, congrats to them. Secondly, a famous couples party is the perfect excuse to get your doppelganger buddies together. Invite your group to dress as famous couples and put together a lowkey soiree with a few simple tips:

  • Don’t sweat it if your hors d’oeuvres are just Cheez-Its and veggies and dip. They’ll look sophisticated served on these classy forest green palm leaf plates with these gold geometric napkins. 
  • Champagne on ice is the only beverage that’ll do for Beyonce and Jay-Z and J.Lo and Ben. 
  • When it comes to famous duos, the music industry has plenty of them, so make a playlist of legendary duets with the likes of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill or Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for group sing-alongs.
  • Play your favorite romantic comedies on the TV in the background for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
  • For an easy and fun activity, play a famous couples matching game! You can find a template for this online or make your own. Whoever gets the most correct matches wins. 

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Oscar party  

A downshot of an awards night party table, set with red, white and black Celebrate! partyware and scattered with snacks like popcorn, puffed rice cereal treats, chocolate-covered strawberries, cookies, and personal awards show voting ballots; next to this, a different angle of the scene is being captured by a pair of hands snapping a photo with a smartphone.

One thing you have to know about awards shows: They’re long. So why not throw an Oscar watch party with friends and keep the entertainment going during the commercial breaks? Here are some ideas to help you win the award for best Oscar party ever:

  • Set the scene for your friends by rolling out a red carpet at the door or create a bright red centerpiece with some tulle or fabric on your table. 
  • Hand each friend an award show ballot to see whose taste in cinema really is award-winning. 
  • An obvious snack is popcorn, but you can kick it up a notch with a popcorn bar. Offer unexpected flavors and toppings, like chocolate chips, coconut flakes, barbecue spices or whatever your heart desires.
  • Serve snacks on these bold “eat” plates with these black and white animal print, “mingle” and multicolor mod cocktail napkins. 
  • For your listening pleasure, turn on a playlist of your favorite soundtracks…but don’t blame us when you get “Let It Go” stuck in your head. 
  • When it’s time for the show, snuggle into the couch with some on-theme Better Together plush. 

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Puppy party  

Looking for new party ideas for adults…and their dogs? Bingo. The only thing more fun than bringing your friends together is bringing your friends’ dogs together. Host an outdoor pup party in your backyard with a few of these ideas:

  • Kick the party off with none other than “Who Let the Dogs Out?” blasting on the speakers (sorry, not sorry).
  • Invite your friends and their pups to play in their best attire and fill up a kiddie pool for hoomans and doggos to wade and splash in. 
  • The dogs may not care about the décor, but your friends will appreciate these colorful ombre stripe plates and napkins. 
  • You can build an inexpensive snack buffet by asking friends to contribute both their and their dog’s favorite snack (dirty socks don’t count). 
  • Grill up some burgers and franks, but make sure every pawrent is OK with their pet sneaking a bite.

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Spring fling  

Good friends, sunshine and the start of a new season—what more do you need? A spring party is inexpensive and easy to decorate. Just lean on Mother Nature to do the heavy lifting for you! As for how to put it together, we’ve got options:

  • Host an outdoor party at a public park (or in your backyard) when everything’s in bloom and complement the blue sky with these lily bouquet plates and floral “enjoy” dinner napkins. 
  • Or, if springtime allergies are your nemesis, just host the party inside your house and decorate with butterfly napkins and coordinating plates and cute DIY mushroom garland. 
  • These paper vases make great party favors for your pals! They even come with water vials to keep fresh flowers happy.
  • Keep the nosh light and fresh, like sliced strawberries and melon, a bright veggie plate and a festive treat, like cake topped with the prettiest springtime decorations. 
  • Queue up “Walkin’ on Sunshine,” and bask in the bliss that is a spring day spent with your besties. 

Book club party  

A book club party is set up on a low table, with Celebrate! partyware in colors of blue and green, cheese and crackers, fruit and glasses of wine; a woman sitting on the floor next to the table smiles up at her friend who is holding an open book, curled up on the couch nearby.

Word nerds, rejoice! A book club party is the best of both worlds—good books and good times—and is one of the easiest party ideas for adults to pull off. It’s as simple as choosing a book for you and your pals to read, then invite them over to discuss what they loved together. To make things extra cozy and inviting, try these ideas: 

  • \Wine and cheese isn’t a novel idea—pun intended—but when it’s presented on this adorable charcuterie tray, it’s special. 
  • Don’t forget to set out these adorable jade green “gather” napkins paired with coordinating aqua and green dots square plates for your munchies. 
  • Use stacks of books you already own topped with a small vase of flowers and light a few candles for affordable decor with a chill vibe. 
  • Let the conversation flow with some soft instrumental music in the background.  

Celebrity eras  

Whether you’re in your early 20s or late 30s, you probably have favorite celebrities who’ve lived through some iconic eras. Think Jennifer Aniston in the ‘90s, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in his WWE days or Beyonce in her Lemonade years. Throw a celebrity era party where friends come fully dressed as their fave celeb circa their most memorable era with a few of these mixed in for extra fun: 

  • Mix and match patterns and colors to create a one-of-a-kind look for your party snacks. The butterfly hexagonal plates and black and white animal print napkins scream Y2K when paired together! 
  • Maybe you’re hosting this party during brunch? Hand each celebrity a mimosa and announce them as they come through the door—these glasses are fun.
  • Hand out prizes for the best-dressed celebrity and reward your friends for their commitment.
  • Depending on the celebrities at your party, play a game of trivia (or bingo) from the 90s, early 2000s or 2010s! 
  • And of course, you must relive the moments with a playlist that spans the years of your celeb’s best era. Britney’s “Oops!…I Did It Again!” era? Legendary. Pass around a karaoke mic if you’re feeling brave.

Thrift store picnic  

A thrift store picnic party is set up on a quilted yellow blanket, which is laden with Celebrate! partyware in floral and butterlfy patterns and finger foods like fruit, crackers and cheese.

Those of us in our 20s and 30s aren’t afraid to admit that Macklemore kinda had the right idea. Get thrifty with your friends and put together a picnic with secondhand items—from the blanket you sprawl out on to the sweet grandpa sweater you scored! Here’s how we’d recommend putting it together:

  • Pair your fresh finds with these pink lily plates and butterfly hexagonal dessert plates to really make your picnic pop.
  • Finger foods and snackable bites are where it’s at when it comes to picnic fare. Fresh fruit, spiced nuts, cookies and veggies make the perfect spread. 
  • Quench your thirst with some home-brewed iced tea stored in vintage mason jars. 
  • No need for a playlist—let the sights and sounds of the outdoors be the backdrop and soundtrack of your picnic.

Indoor tailgate party  

TBH, outdoor tailgating is only fun if the weather is nice and your team is winning. But since you can’t control the weather or the quarterback, you might want to try throwing a perfect tailgate…indoors! It’s easy and cheap—no parking fee required. Here’s how:

  • Just like at a typical tailgate, everyone wears their team colors. 
  • And since there are no littering fines to worry about, now’s the time for you to go the longest yard with coordinating streamers, balloons and confetti.
  • Set up a place to shoot hoops or toss a football during commercial breaks. 
  • Create the tailgate spread of your dreams by asking pals to bring their fave snack—think buffalo chicken dip, chocolate chip cookies and something very cheesy. 
  • Complete your smorgasbord with fun plates and cocktail napkins that encourage your friends to do what they really came to do: eat. With this football-shaped ice mold, your cocktails will be a touchdown every time.
  • Turn up the Jock Jams and cheers to a good game, no matter who wins. 

Around the world party  

If a specific country has been at the top of your travel list for a while but you don’t have the budget to go globe-trotting, now’s the time to bring the destination to you. It may not be the same as lounging on a beach on the coast of Italy, but with your friends, you’ll likely have just as much fun.  

  • Tell your friends to pick a country and whip up its local delicacy or a popular drink to share with the group. Whether it’s by making Argentinian empanadas or French crepes, they’ll learn about a new place and its culture by trying a new recipe. 
  • Make sure your playlist features music from all over the world.
  • Let each country’s flag inspire your color palette. These stacked geometric dinner plates, simple “celebrate” dessert plates and black and white grid dinner napkins will complement any flag’s colors. 
  • Dress up the walls with colorful paper medallions, hang a banner and toss confetti to match each country’s colors. 
  • Challenge each other to learn the national anthem of a different country—winner gets a card with a crisp $5 inside. 


We hope these 11 party ideas for adults inspire you to do something special next time you and your friends hang out! Save this article and keep it handy, and tag us on social @Hallmark if you bring these ideas to life.


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