Dad and daughter reading a book about gratitude

Kids Teaching Kids about Gratitude

I think most parents are like me—we don’t want our kids to grow up with a sense of entitlement. We want to teach o...

Garland of good deeds with kids hands

Christmas Bring on the Good Tidings, Good Cheer and Good Deeds

There’s no better time than Christmas to spread a little cheer and goodwill to others. And there’s no sweeter fami...

Pregnancy Loss Card

Baby What to Say When a Friend Loses a Baby: Messages of Love and Support

Losing a baby, no matter how it happens—or how early in the pregnancy—is devastating. It’s a time of sadness when ...

Family in Halloween costumes

Halloween 25+ Ideas for Creating Halloween Family Fun at Home

So many of my favorite childhood memories are of Halloween family fun: sorting and trading candy with my sister, d...

A mom and a child standing in front of plants shaped like a heart

Kids Share the Love: Teaching Kids about Kindness

As parents, we want our children to understand concepts like empathy and kindness. We want to

Kids hanging upside from a branch during fun family activities

Family Fun Family Activities to Try at Home

For every parent who’s wanted more family time, well, we’ve got it. Maybe not in the form we imagined—no road trip...

Ideas for Giving Back at Christmas

Kids How to Teach Kids about Giving

It’s Christmas, and the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is a little goodwill-sharing. But finding ways ...

Dear Daughter: notes from the edge of motherhood

Kids Notes from the edge of motherhood

I got in the bath last night, ready to soak with a Corona and Kardashian-covered magazine (don’t judge), and just ...

Back to school, back to reality: a mom's honest & hilarious back-to-school guide

Back to School Back to school, back to reality: a mom's honest & hilarious back-to-school guide

Got the school supply list yesterday and my inner-80s child was disappointed to see that there is no Trapper Keepe...