10+ Easter Care Package Ideas to Help You Share Springtime Joy

A farmer's market themed Easter care package with a pea and carrot Better Together plush set, potted narcissus flowers, a tote bag that reads,

Easter means something different to everyone. Maybe you and your family always have a huge egg hunt. Or you have a tradition where you all get dressed up in your Sunday best and head to Sunday service. Or maybe you throw an Easter brunch filled with family recipes. 

Or maybe all of the above! After all, there’s no “right” way to be together on Easter—it just matters that you’re together.

But…what if the whole family can’t be together on Easter? Say you have grandkids or kids away at college. Or your sister took a job offer out of state and can’t make it back for the fun. Or your favorite cousin is deployed overseas.

If that’s the case, we’ve got a basketful of ideas for you to create unique care packages to share with all the some-bunnies you love, to help you spread Easter joy and help the ones who can’t be there still feel like they’re in on the fun.

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Some Basics  

Every care package needs stuff to fill in the small spaces. And while Easter grass is pretty, you can’t really eat it. (Read: You definitely shouldn’t.) Also, it won’t make them say, “awwww.” So while you’re out shopping for your bigger Easter care package items, don’t forget to pick up: 

  • Candy, of course. Bring on the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies!
  • A card. No package is complete without a message to wish them a Happy Easter and remind them what they mean to you.
  • Plastic eggs. You can fill each egg with a treat or a slip of paper with a memory, Bible verse or reason you love them written on it.

Once you’ve got these basics rounded up, it’s only a matter of personalizing your Easter care package to make it feel extra special. These are some of our favorite ideas.

Crafty Kid  

A kids' themed Easter care package with a devotional doodle journal, Crayola markers, candy and a card.

Kids love crafts (the messier the better), so send an Easter care package that encourages their creativity. 

You could include things like a devotional doodle journal for kids with some colored pencils or crayons, a fresh set of paint brushes, a cute art smock (Mom will thank you), colorful construction paper and some Crayola Scribble Scrubbies.

Baby’s First Easter  

Nothing’s sweeter than a new little one celebrating their first Easter. Send that sweet baby some love with a supersoft stuffie, a board book or daily prayer book, bubbles for mama to blow and an Easter-themed bib or hat (bonus if it has bunny ears).

Sunny Day  

A kids' outdoor-themed Easter care package with a Little World Changers water bottle, Crayola sidewalk chalk, a plush baby chick, and a canvas tote with a bunny face on it.

Spring is here and it’s time to send those kiddos outside for dandelion-picking and grassy cartwheels! 

Help them get the sunny days started right with gifts like this Little World Changers water bottle, Crayola sidewalk chalk (shaped like eggs and chicks, of course) to beautify the driveway, cute sunglasses, a colorful kite, a fresh bottle of bubbles and fun adhesive bandages for any skinned knees.

Pack it all into an adorable tote bag, and they’ll be ready for a day of fun outside.

All for Animal Lovers  

Wanna send a little love to your favorite cat mom or dog dad? Well, when it comes to sending some treats (did someone say treats?!), we’ve got you covered. 

Fill your fur-baby-friendly Easter care package with a sweet book of pet prayers, plus a bag of homemade treats (for pets or for people) inside this cute mug. You also can’t go wrong with a fun new toy or chewie, a pet-themed photo frame and a cute bandana for their little troublemaker.

Soothing Self-Care  

A self-care themed Easter care package with a journal and pen, scented candle, travel tumbler and greeting card.

We all know someone (or LOTS of someones) we’d love to see stop and take time out for themselves. Let’s indulge that someone with some self-care encouragement in their Easter care package. 

You could include a calming-scented candle, a nice journal with a pretty pen for jotting thoughts, smell-good bath salts, plush socks, a book (or a gift card for one), a flavored coffee or fancy tea and, finally, chocolates—because self-spoiling should always include chocolate.

Get Things Cooking  

Got a culinary expert or amateur gourmet in your life? Celebrate their cooking talent with these fun, flavorful Easter gifts. 

A cutting board is a great gift idea because depending on the design, it can do double duty as decor and a utility piece. The same can be said for a sassy tea towel or cute kitchen tools. You could also get them excited to experiment with a set of spices or sauces, a new cookbook or a recipe book to hold all their faves.

Growing in Faith  

A faith-themed Easter care package with a t-shirt and mug that both read

For the religious folks in your life, Easter is a meaningful time filled with hope and gratitude. 

Create a faith-filled Easter care package with a cute “God’s Got This” tee—or a mug, which would go great with some gourmet coffee or tea.  Gifts to inspire them on their faith journey are always a nice idea, too—like these Prayers to Share notes, faith-inspired jewelry, a nice pen for Bible notations or a daily devotional. Put it all inside this beautiful “Walk in Love” tote, and you’ve got an Easter care package filled with reminders of the reason for the season.

For Faraway Friends  

Sometimes texts and video calls just don’t cut it. Show your faraway friend how much they mean with a fun Easter care package full of goodies. 

Start it off with some surefire hits, like their favorite snacks and a cute, framed pic of you guys together. Next, pump them up with a wine glass celebrating their awesomeness and encourage some self-care with a lotion or body wash in their favorite scent. Finally, give them a daily reminder of your BFF-ness like this mug or a cute piece of jewelry.

Farm Fresh  

A farmer's market themed Easter care package with a pea and carrot Better Together plush set, potted narcissus flowers, a tote bag that reads,

For the gardeners who are really diggin’ the fresh spring growth, we’ve got Easter care package ideas that’ll get their green thumbs raring to go. 

First, get them smiling with this adorable Pea and Carrot Better Together plush set. Then add a cute pair of gardening gloves, some seed packets and a bottle of sunscreen or a garden hat to help them welcome the growing season. Finally, this sweet trinket dish to hold rings while digging is a thoughtful addition.

Family Memories, Delivered  

Easter traditions wouldn’t be the same without our beloved families. Can’t be together to celebrate this season? Send an Easter care package to remind them of your love. 

It’s family, so a nicely framed photo will always be welcome. A gift card to their favorite restaurant is sure to be well received, too. Or, if they’re serious homebodies, you could throw in something comfy—like socks or a lap blanket—plus a puzzle or game. Top your care package off with their favorite treats, and they’ll be set for a whole day of cozy fun.

Every Helper You Know  

Teachers, coaches, healthcare professionals, childcare providers, dog sitters…there are so many people in our lives who make things easier and help us out. Remember them at Easter with a little care package to say, “thanks for all you do.” 

A few ideas for things to include would be gift cards, classroom supplies or fun pens, a cute mug or water bottle, or a scented candle. Pair any of these with a card and a heartfelt note of thanks, and they’re sure to know how much they’re appreciated this Easter.

Sending and Giving Ideas  

If you’re not quite sure how to send all this amazing Easter goodness, we have a ton of inspiration for packing and mailing gifts. 

Creating an Easter care package for someone who lives close by? Hey, there’s no rule that says you have to mail it. Be the Easter Bunny’s sneaky assistant and leave it on their doorstep. Or be even sneakier and make them hunt for it, with clues sent via text. 

Remember: Just as spring brightens our days, an Easter care package brightens the lives of those we love. So no matter what you include or how it gets to them, they’re sure to know just how special they are to you.