A farmer's market themed Easter care package with a pea and carrot Better Together plush set, potted narcissus flowers, a tote bag that reads,

Easter 10+ Easter Care Package Ideas to Help You Share Springtime Joy

Easter means something different to everyone. Maybe you and your family always have a huge egg hunt. Or you have a tr...

Happy Easter Card with flowers and eggs

Easter Inspiring Easter Message Ideas: What to Write in an Easter Card

Easter comes at such a hopeful time of year, and that optimism is a great feeling to share in a card or note to so...

Hoppy Bunny Basket with girl

Easter Hoppy Bunny Basket

Make egg hunts even more fun with the Hoppy Bunny Basket. Check out the video to see it in action and pick one up on ...

Hip-Hoppy Egg-Laying Chick on a green background

Easter Hip-Hoppy Egg-Laying Chick

Hip-Hoppy, they don’t stoppy. Check out the Hip-Hoppy Egg-Laying Chick in all its glory in this video and pick yours ...

An illustration of a big bunny and a little bunny in overalls, holding hands and walking happily.

Easter How to Plan an Amazing Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s face it, your kids are mostly in it for the chocolate. But as a parent you think about bigger things at Easter ...

Easter bunny cutouts on a door

Easter Easy DIY Easter Decorations to Welcome Spring

Have we ever been this ready for spring? These three adorable Easter decorations from Hallmark designer/illustrato...

Bowl of ashes with a cross in them surrounded by palms for Lent

Easter What is Lent?

Lent can seem a little mystifying if it’s something you didn’t grow up with. Why do friends talk about “giving som...

75+ Easter Basket Ideas without Candy

Easter 75+ Easter Basket Ideas without Candy

Parents look for Easter basket ideas without candy for many different reasons. Whether you’re trying to cut down o...

Watch What These Kids Say about Easter

Easter Watch What These Kids Say about Easter

What can you tell me about Jesus and the story of Easter? We asked some kids to tell us and their answers will sur...

Easy Easter Cupcakes Hero

Easter Play with Your Food: Easy and Cute Easter Cupcakes

Spring into Easter with six adorable cupcakes.

Lovely Llama Cupcakes

Dessert Lovely Llama Cupcakes

It seems like llamas are everywhere—or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. These Llovely Llama Cupcakes are easy t...

Easter Prayer - Easter Tradtitions

Easter Ways We Celebrate: African-American Families Share their Easter Traditions

From church parades to family meals, celebrate the many rich Easter traditions of the African-American community.