Easy DIY Easter decorations to welcome spring

Easter bunny cutouts on a door

Have we ever been this ready for spring? These three adorable Easter decorations from Hallmark designer/illustrator/DIY-er Kelly C. are easy, kid-friendly DIYs to brighten up doors, yards and tables.

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Easter Bunnies at the Door  

Cardboard Easter bunnies

We found inspiration for this Easter bunny in a white pom-pom gift bow and a bunny-butt design. All it takes to cover your front door with bunnies is cardboard, paint and pom-poms.

Easter Bunnies at the Door Supplies

Making cardboard Easter bunnies with paint and craft supplies


  • Decide how many Easter bunnies you want on your door and estimate how tall they should be.
  • Cut rectangles of cardboard a little taller and wider than you’re going to make your bunnies. Paint them first with primer, then with different pastel colors.
  • To make the first bunny: On one piece of cardboard, draw (or trace) one circle for the bottom and a smaller circle slightly overlapping it for the head. Then sketch the ears—don’t worry about getting them perfect or matching exactly.
  • Cut the bunny out with a craft knife and trace it on the other pieces of painted cardboard to make as many Easter bunnies as you need. (We went with three across and four down on our door.)
  • Glue the pom-poms to the bunny butts.
  • Use the poster tape to attach the Easter bunnies in rows on your front door.
Easter decor in brightly lit room

Easter Egg Yard Decorations  

DIY Cardboard Easter eggs

These are fun to make with kiddos and “hide” in friends’ and families’ front yards. Could you do the same thing with the Easter bunnies above? We would not stop you.

Easter Egg Yard Decorations Supplies

Painting Easter Eggs


  • Cut the cereal boxes apart and paint them with primer (or white paint). You can just do one side or the front and back.
  • Print out the FREE downloadable egg template. Cut out eggs and trace them onto the primed chipboard.
  • Use the pastel paints to decorate the eggs.
  • Cut the eggs out with the craft knife. Hot-glue a craft stick to the bottom on the back of each one.
  • Stick them in the ground in the front yard or in planters, flower boxes or gardens.
  • Cut rectangles of cardboard a little taller and wider than you’re going to make your bunnies. Paint them first with primer, then with different pastel colors.
  • Stick them in the ground alone or in groups.
DIY cardboard Easter eggs for the yard

Spring Flower Vases  

Easter table with cards, bunnies, vases and flatware

Add a little baking powder to some acrylic paint and you can make any glass jar or ceramic container look like it’s made of terra cotta. These are just right for making Easter brunch or dinner table decorations or dropping spring flowers off for friends.

Spring Flower Vase Supplies

  • Glass or ceramic containers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Baking powder
  • Paint brushes (don’t use your good ones for this project)
  • Bowl or plate for mixing
  • Plastic spoons or craft sticks (for stirring)
Crafting a simple Easter vase


  • Start by making sure your containers are squeaky clean and sticker-free.
  • Mix the baking powder into the paint. We went with a 1:4 powder to paint ratio, but you can make yours thicker if you’d like. When you let it sit for a few minutes, it gets fluffy—and that texture is fun to work with when you start painting.
  • Paint the first layer on each container and let it dry completely. Really, absolutely completely.
  • When you add the second layer to your perfectly dry first layer, you can play around with texture and thickness.