Hallmark Artist Kelsey DeJesus is full of ideas on how to host an easy potluck dinner party for family and friends. During the busy fall and holiday gathering season, it can be overwhelming to host a big dinner party. Hosting a potluck dinner  is a great way to spend less time cooking and more time connecting with family and friends. Kelsey shares some potluck tips and recipes- like this fall pork roast. She even shows how to make super cute chalkboard wood labels for the food.

Try these family style dishes at your next party:


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Video transcript

Hey, everyone! I'm Kelsey. And on this episode of Save the Date, we're going potluck. The big dinner season is upon us. And I know that can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. A potluck spreads out the work and puts less stress on you, so you don't have to make every single dish. To avoid random recipes, come up with a theme. Ours happens to be Farm to Table. But have fun with it. Come up with something that's unique to your friends and family. Now, side dishes are always popular, and it can be easy to forget about the main course, but we've got you covered-- with this delicious take on a popular pork-loin recipe. If you're feeling crafty, I've got a simple way for you to step up your food labels. I bought some wood slices from the craft store, along with some chalkboard paint. I painted one side of the wood slices and then let them dry. And that's it. I then put them on the table, for the guests to label their own dishes that they brought. Since the paint seals the wood from moisture, it can double as a coaster-- and a fun souvenir, because who doesn't love a party favor? Am I right? If you host your own potluck using the tips and recipes here, we want to see them. Thanks for watching!