Play with your food: Valentine’s Day treats

Play with your food: Valentine's Day treats

All you need is love (and a few simple ingredients) to make these fun treats for all your Valentines. From sweet and simple whoopie pies to Cupid-worthy cookies, we have something that will help you make those special people feel extra loved.

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Heart-shaped whoopie pies

These heart-y whoopie pies go together like you and your Valentine and are a piece of cake to make! Made with a boxed cake mix, this easy whoopie pie recipe is piped into heart shapes, making it pitter-patter perfect for sharing with your sweeties.

Valentine crunch snack mix

Need an easy Valentine’s Day party treat? We’ve got you covered with this sweet and simple Valentine snack mix. This heart-y treat can be served by the bowlful—or packaged individually for a sweet classroom treat.

Valentine’s Day Treats: My fizzy Valentine recipe

My fizzy Valentine

Toast your Valentine with the world’s easiest—and cutest—soft drink! Just cut strawberries in half, and then cut a V-shaped notch in the top of each half to create a heart shape. Place one strawberry heart in each well of an ice-cube tray, add clear soda until the strawberries are covered, and freeze. They’re perfect for adding a splash of fizzy fun to any drink or party punch bowl.

Chocolate-dipped kissy spoons

Make ’em swoon with these simple chocolate-dipped spoons made for stirring in some sweetness. Milk chocolate and white chocolate chips are melted and then scooped into spoons to create perfect portions of chocolate-coated bliss made for swirling in coffee or hot cocoa.

Lovebugs on a log

Give your little lovebugs something to smile about—an adorable, bite-size treat. This cute stuffed celery appetizer is a fun—and stealthily healthy—alternative to sweet Valentine’s Day party treats that kids are sure to love.

Cupid's arrow sugar cookies

Looking for a no-bake Valentine’s Day treat? These cookies hit the mark! Store-bought sugar cookies get party-ready with fondant and paper Cupid’s arrow toppers.

Mini Candy Bars

Mini Candy Bar Valentine Wrappers

Here’s a cute way to turn store-bought mini candy bars into unique sweet treats. Just print out this template, cut out the little wrappers and share in cellophane bags or a candy dish. (Thanks to our friends at Think.Make.Share for the idea…and the template.)

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Jennifer is a Hallmark writer and culinary student who is always on the hunt for new, easy recipes for celebrating the holidays and seasons.

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