A downshot of a bright, colorful craft party table setup; a woman reaches across the table to offer a plate of snacks to another woman who is knitting on the other side of the table.

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I believe that the little moments are what really make life special. Don’t get me wrong—I love celebrating the “big” ...

Number 20 with symbols for china [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: China Modern: Platinum

A china bowl with a green and gold rim since on top of a china plate with a scalloped rim and a dark purple rose pattern; at the bottom of the bowl is the number 18 in gold metallic lettering, symbolizing the traditional 18th wedding anniversary gift of china.

Anniversary 18th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Porcelain Modern: Porcelain

Number 15 with symbols for crystal [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Crystal Modern: Watches

Number 14 with symbols for gold jewelry [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 14th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional/Modern: Gold Jewelry * Note: The traditional 14th year anniversary gift wa...

Number 12 with symbols for silk and linen [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Silk/Linen Modern: Pearls

Number 11 with symbols for steel [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Anniversary 11th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Traditional: Steel Modern: Fashion Jewelry

A thirtieth birthday party table with a white and turquoise cake, surrounded by Color Pop party decorations in colors of light blue, turquoise and gold.

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