11th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Number 11 with symbols for steel [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Traditional: Steel

Modern: Fashion Jewelry

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11th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give


  • Fix up a fancy libation in a stainless steel cocktail shaker and toast to 11 years.
  • Toss some stainless steel ice cubes into those drinks to keep them cold all evening.
  • Say “I love you” with an act of service and detail your spouse’s car for them. Leave an anniversary card in the driver’s seat for them to find.



  • Treat your partner (and yourself) to a nice upgrade to the kitchen cutlery you were gifted on your wedding day. 
  • If your partner is the jewelry-wearing kind, then gift them a new favorite piece—like a pair of statement earrings or a classic chain—for them to wear to an anniversary dinner date.
  • A stainless steel timepiece never goes out of style—and it’ll remind your spouse that you love them whenever they check the hour.


What to write

What to write in an 11th anniversary card 

  • “Together, life is so much better. It’s easier with you. It’s way more fun. And of course, it’s infinitely happier.”
  • “Thank you for being my live-in therapist, my comedic relief and my shoulder to cry on. You do it all, and I love you for it.”
  • “We’ve overcome a lot in 11 years, and every day, I’m grateful for the strength, resilience and love you bring to this marriage.” 


What to write about in an 11th anniversary love letter

  • 11 ways your marriage bond has gotten stronger over the years.
  • Reminisce on tough times you and your partner overcame together—focus on the happy ending!
  • 11 memories of when your partner gave you the strength you needed to carry on.


How to celebrate

  • Host a mixology night (mocktails are welcome) where each of you take turns making a new drink to try.
  • If you’re celebrating your anniversary with a new stainless steel appliance, make a day of appliance shopping! Start with a fancy brunch, shop around, then take a trip to the movies, a walk in your favorite park or a happy hour at your favorite restaurant. 
  • Take a road trip to a new city to visit a local landmark, hiking trail, music venue or museum. Don’t forget to load up on snacks and drinks for the ride. 

11th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family  

What to give

  • Send a gift certificate to a cooking class for the couple.
  • Drop off a breakfast-making basket on the couple’s doorstep. Complete it with a bag of gourmet coffee, accoutrements like savory jelly or homemade jam and some trusty utensils for spreading.


What to write in an 11th anniversary card

  • “Happy anniversary to the couple that’s got their love turned all the way to 11!”
  • “A lucky number for a lucky couple. We’re so glad you found each other.”
  • “More than a decade later and your love is still in style. Happy anniversary!”


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