12th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Number 12 with symbols for silk and linen [Anniversary Gifts by Year]

Traditional: Silk/Linen

Modern: Pearls

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12th anniversary gifts and ideas for spouses  

What to give


  • A dozen of your partner’s favorite baked goods—think bagels, cupcakes or cookies—is a tasty way to celebrate 12 years together.
  • Print a favorite photo and place it in a mother-of-pearl photo frame. Pair it with an anniversary card listing a dozen ways your spouse makes your life special.



  • A set of real linen sheets gets better over time—just like your marriage.
  • Gift a pair of washable silk pajamas for your partner to slip into whenever they need to relax and unwind.


What to write

What to write in a 12th anniversary card

  • “We’ve seen a lot together, but you’re still my favorite view.”
  • “Twelve years have flown by—probably because we’re having fun. Thanks for making our marriage the greatest adventure I’ve ever had.”
  • “There’s no one on this earth who could make me laugh and love me like you do. Thank you for being my partner.” 


What to write about in a 12th anniversary love letter

  • 12 reasons why this year of marriage is going to be awesome.
  • Recall a favorite trip you’ve taken with your spouse and what made it special.
  • 12 places you want to visit with your love—cities, states and countries are all fair game!


How to celebrate

  • You can’t have pearls without oysters! Dine at a restaurant with oysters on the menu.  
  • Surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner at home. Set the table, light some candles and promise to do the dishes…tomorrow. 
  • Cozy up in bed or on the couch for a movie marathon night complete with all your favorite movie snacks—chocolate, candy and whatever adult beverage pairs well with popcorn.

12th anniversary gifts and ideas for friends and family  

What to give

  • Share a sampler of a dozen tiny treats, such as coffee samples, meat and cheese pairings, chocolates or even olive oils and vinegars.


What to write in a 12th anniversary card

  • “Sending a bunch of love to an incredible couple on their 12th anniversary.”
  • “I’m thankful you found each other and even more thankful to know you both. Happy anniversary!”
  • “We hope your 12th anniversary is as special as the two of you are.”


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