3 beautiful, origami-inspired gift-wrapping ideas

Three gifts wrapped in styles inspired by origami paper art sit on a blue damask tablecloth.

If you’re trying to improve your gift-wrapping skills or wow people with the coolest looking gifts, these origami-inspired gift-wrapping ideas are the perfect way to do it. 

Save these tips to make gifts extra fancy and fun for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, graduations and other special occasions. 

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Add a folded leaf attachment  

This pretty leaf DIY adds an ethereal touch to any present. It’s the ultimate gift plus-up for weddings, bridal showers, garden parties or loved ones who appreciate an elevated yet earthy vibe. 

Make a DIY gift card holder  

We love making the gifting experience memorable, and this DIY gift card holder is sure to impress the lucky recipient. All it takes is a few folds and cute gift wrap to make this little work of art. 

Craft an elegant surprise card pocket  

Add some sophisticated fun to your gift with this peekaboo card pocket. For smaller gifts, mini cards are great to slip in! 

With these origami-inspired gift-wrapping ideas, you’re basically a professional now. Be prepared to teach everyone your tricks (or save the hassle and share this article with them instead). Happy wrapping!

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