3 creative ways to reuse gift wrap scraps

Gifts sitting on a table after being wrapped using creative ways to use gift wrap scraps—one making a quilt pattern out of leftover pieces, another with a wrapping paper confetti accent band, and the final one made from the cardboard tube that goes inside a roll of gift wrap, wrapped and tied at the ends like a piece of candy.

Picture this: You’ve just finished wrapping a gift, you’re admiring your hard (but fabulous) work, and suddenly realize that the floor is covered in a jumbled mess of leftover gift wrap scraps. 

You could throw them away and waste all that goodness, or you could challenge yourself to reduce waste and reuse them with these creative ways to reuse gift wrap scraps. If the second option sounds like your cup of tea, check out three of our favorite reusable gift wrap hacks below!

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Make a pretty patchwork pattern  

For a look that feels fun, vibrant and chaotic in all the best ways, piece together gift wrap scraps to make a unique patchwork pattern. The great thing about this method is that there are so many different techniques to make it look cool—especially using the cutting grid found on the back of Hallmark gift wrap. 

For a uniform, quilt-like pattern, cut your scraps into similarly shaped squares. Or leave some strips bigger and others smaller for a pretty, effortless effect. Either way, you’ll have a beautifully wrapped gift and no scraps left behind!   

Turn scraps into confetti  

Make your gift the life of any party by covering it in confetti! Just use a hole punch to turn leftover gift wrap into confetti. Then stick a long strip of double-sided tape onto your pre-wrapped gift and sprinkle on the confetti (be heavy-handed here!). 

To complete the look with a personal touch, don’t forget to add a gift tag and bow!

Use the wrapping tube for small gifts  

Who knew a leftover gift wrap tube could be so useful?! For this hack, simply cut down a section of the tube to fit your gifts. Jewelry, gift cards, nail polish, an ornament—anything works, but fill it with little items only! 

Once all your goodies are placed in the tube, wrap it up and tie the ends closed with ribbon. 

With these creative ways to reuse gift wrap scraps, you’re ready for lots of waste-free wrapping (and impressing people with your resourcefulness). 😉

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