Looking for just the right way to make their heart smile this Valentine’s Day? Hallmark Gold Crown stores are not only the best place to find the widest selection of Hallmark cards, but they also have just the right selection of Valentine’s Day gifts to help you share love with all the special people in your life. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your sweetheart paired with just the right card.

Valentine’s Day Gift & Card Idea #1 – For that special someone who is a little fancy but likes things simple, grab this elegant Gold Heart I love You Card and pair it with this beautifully understated white Heart Ceramic Mug.

Valentine’s Day Gift & Card Idea #2 – For your mate who shares your love of the finer things in life (like bacon, tacos, and baseball), gift them this MVP of my Heart Baseball along with this Bacon Tacos Chocolate You Valentine’s Day Card.

Valentine’s Day Gift & Card Idea #3 – If you are so close with that mate that even your accessories can’t help but get together, consider giving your sweetheart these Couples Stacking Mugs along with this You & Me Valentine’s Day Card.

Valentine’s Day Gift & Card Idea #4 – If you and your Valentine are that couple who would rather stay in, gift your sweetie this Date Night In Cookbook paired with this adorable You & Me Stitched Valentine. Add this Wish Come True Engraved Gold Wishbone for a little something to leave on their desk to remind them just how dreamy they are even when you’re not cooking together.

Valentine’s Day Gift & Card Idea #5 – If mate fills your cup in more ways than one, coordinate your cocktails by gifting the I’m Fun and I’m Fancy Lowball Glasses paired with this artfully fancy Love Valentine’s Day Card.

No Valentine’s Day gift is complete without a card- even if none of the cards above speak to you. From beautiful Signature Cards to magical papercraft, Hallmark Gold Crown Stores have the best selection of Hallmark Cards and beautiful giftwrap for all your Valentine’s Day needs.

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