200+ Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone in your heart

A traditional greeting card with the word

In junior high, I made a giant Valentine’s Day collage for my first girlfriend. She loved it. Was it amazing or dorky as far as Valentine’s Day gift ideas go? We’ll leave that to history. Point is, it took DAYYYS to gather, cut out, arrange and glue all the cool pics and words of her fave movies, songs, etc.

And while that kind of gesture can be really sweet and thoughtful, we usually don’t have as much time to put into our Valentine’s Day gifts as bored and swoony teens. But we still want our peeps to feel extra loved! We want them to know they truly matter.

And whether you’re celebrating a new relationship (situationship?), finding new ways to surprise a longtime love, giving shoutouts to awesome parents/friends/coworkers or sharing fun little hugs with the kiddos (or grandkiddos), we’ve got a bunch of simple, smart, affordable and totally doable Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you celebrate ALL the people in your heart!

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A collection of gifts for a girlfriend or wife that includes a plush football with the words,

Valentine gift ideas for her  

Let’s start with the most obvious: significant other. And first, we’ll focus on gifts FOR HER—whether it’s your girlfriend, fiancee, wife or just someone very special to you for reasons you’d rather not label, elaborate on, etc.


It’s hard to go wrong with flowers, whether it’s roses or a more unique bouquet with, say, one bloom for every year you’ve been together. Unless your partner has specifically asked you not to give them flowers. Have they? Some people don’t like the hassle of re-watering before they wilt. Some people’s cats like to eat them and barf them up. Good times.

And even someone who loves flowers might not be into the classic dozen-roses thing. Does she have a favorite spring flower, or something lightly off-script, like a Gerbera daisy (my wife’s longtime fave)? If you’re not sure about any of that, you 100% need to keep reading.

(And if you’re not sure what each flower means, start with this super helpful breakdown.)

Something simple 

You want to show her you love her, but overthinking things is just not your jam. Perfect—here’s your stop:

  • A Valentine’s Day card! There’s nothing like a card, and that’s for good reason. It’s a simple, keepsakeable way to let her know how much she means to you.
  • Massage gift card. Sure, your shoulder rubs are great. No, really, they are. But it’s still incredibly thoughtful to let a pro take over for a sesh once in a while. This is one of my never-fail gifts for my wife of more than 20 years. She hasn’t divorced me yet, so it seems to be working?
  • A pair of earrings. Try to keep them small and classic unless you’re sure she’d like something more showy. This does have the inherent stress of CHOOSING, though. And if that’s not your comfort zone or if she’s a tough one to buy accessories for, keep scrolling.
  • A fun little stuffed animal. You could get her a quokka, for example, and maybe that’s how she’ll learn what a quokka even is! Or how about this adorable koala that lets you record a message and be there when you can’t?
  • Fancy chocolates. Feel free to go with the standard heart-shaped box, no arguments, but you could also mix it up with some boutique choices, locally made flavors or booze-inspired ones.
  • A coffee mug from a place you visited together. It’s an easy way to commemorate a nice memory you have as a couple.
  • Is she into fitness? How about a gift card to a free session at her favorite place? Or maybe a studio she’s mentioned wanting to try?
  • Does she love Hallmark movies? She might like this cute Hallmark Channel hoodie paired with these themed stemless glasses or this mug and some gourmet popcorn. Maybe these cozy socks, too!
  • Does she love journaling or list-making? How about a beautiful journal with a starry skies theme and an elegant pen?


Something romantic

Were you one of the swoony teens I described earlier? If you want a gift that communicates high levels of schmoop, consider one of these:

  • First date reboot. Was your first date at a restaurant? Perfect! Make a reservation for the two of you, if the place is still there. If it’s not, try a place she’s been wanting to try but hasn’t because it seems too pricey for the average Friday night.
  • Date reboot, jokey option. If you cook at home a lot and you know she’d love a night out, you could briefly act like you’ll make a giant, complex, messy home-cooked meal…and then say JK, we’re going out.
  • Add some mystery! With this Date Night Jar, you can let the whims of chance decide your evening together. Much less scary kinda magic than, say, a Ouija board.
  • Take a hike. Is she outdoorsy? Is there a particular hike she loves or one she’s been wanting to try? Prep the car and backpack and go on an adventure.
  • Take the day. Maybe she’d love a day set aside just for her favorite things and activities with you. Just do those, silly!
  • Tell your story in pictures. Fill up an old-fashioned photo album that shows your tale from past to present. Doesn’t matter if it’s a few months or many years. Can you do it with just two pics? Try our Then & Now double frame.
  • Put your love story on paper. From memories to songs to rules you live by, this prompted journal lets you capture the things that make your story unique.
  • Give her a stadium shoutout. Does one of your local teams have the kind of atmosphere that announces milestones over the PA system? Try that, especially if it’s a big year for you two.
  • Get her a personalized necklace. Maybe she already has a tattoo of your name? Well, great—getting her a necklace with your initials on it will just complete the set.
  • Pet parent humor. Have a dog or cat together? Maybe both? Then this hilarious card will definitely hit the mark. Unless you’ve somehow managed to enforce the “no pets on the bed” thing.
  • Get a fur baby. Have you talked about getting a pet together? This would be as good a time as any to visit a local shelter and pick out a pet who needs a good home.
  • Good at messing around with music? You could write some personalized lyrics to the tune of a popular song or one that signals an old inside joke.
  • Buy the book. Get her a new novel. Not sure which one to get, or what she’s already read? You could stealthily peep her Goodreads to see what series she might be into or what she’s been meaning to read.
  • Go to bed. Old sheets wearing thin? You might still love them in a “woobie” kinda way, but why not mix it up with a fancy, high-thread-count upgrade? 
  • Spring for some high-end bath stuff. Why stop at sheets? There are a lot of things you can upgrade. In this case, add some yummy smelling bubble bath, a bath pillow and a reading tray to shake up the routine.


Something last-minute

Did you get caught up in a big game weekend and just space that Valentine’s Day was even happening till a day or two before? Or even an hour or two before? We get it. And we’ve got you: 

  • Pair of champagne flutes and a bottle of decent champagne. A time-honored classic that’s likely come across as wildly romantic instead of spur-of-the-moment. Extra points if you suggest bundling up to stargaze in the backyard while you sip it.
  • Even simpler drink option: This “Love You Most” jumbo wine glass.
  • Lottery tickets. Because you’re lucky in love, get it? Note: Odds are high that she’ll at least smirk appreciatively, and that’s not nothing. Pair with this simple card.
  • Make her a playlist. Yes, that’s right. The essential goodness of a well-curated playlist of faves was romantic when you were teen and is still romantic now. But please, don’t just cut and paste her Spotify Wrapped. Find the deeper cuts—the meaningful ones.
  • Order a heart-shaped pizza. Most places offer them as a limited-time thing. Why not? You could pair it with one of these perfectly themed cards—the “you complete me” pizza or this “intentionally extra cheesy compliments” sound card.
  • Create a grocery-store picnic. Get some pre-sliced meats and cheeses, pair them with wine and bring them to a nearby park (that allows it) or have them in the living room or on the porch.
  • Have a firepit already? Grab some stuff for s’mores. And then pair it with this cute lil mini card with the perfect pun to match.
  • A fuzzy blanket to snuggle under. Or even just a cozy throw in her favorite color. You can’t have too many blankets.
  • Clean the heck out of something. A bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, her entire place? Light a few candles to show off the handiwork and set the mood.
  • Just get in the dang car and drive. Go somewhere to watch the sunset and then get dessert on the way back. You could make a playlist or even take turns answering these free conversation cards for some meaningful car convo.
  • A rom-com movie night with chocolates, wine and strawberries. May we suggest Hallmark Channel’s new Valentine’s Day movie?


A collection of gifts meant for a husband or boyfriend could include a bar set with a stemless wine glass that reads,

Valentine gift ideas for him  

Let’s be honest—guys often get short shrift on Valentine’s Day. And speaking from experience, most are fine with that. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still love a thoughtful little something from the person they love!

Unfortunately, that can be deceptively tricky to pick out. That’s where we come in. Whether it’s your boyfriend, fiance, husband or just some un-label-y dude you’re into, we have plenty of gift ideas for the guy in your life.

Something simple

If he’s like a lot of men, he probably doesn’t overthink things like this. So he won’t be offended if you don’t, either! Try one of these:

  • A Valentine’s Day card. Maybe he loves hearing how much he means to you. In that case, fill up that card! But if he’s the sort who gets bashful when you put your feelings for him into words, a card can be even better. He can experience them in his own, quiet way. I tend to prefer the funny options, like this ocean-themed pun (orcas shouldn’t have all the fun). But you also can’t go wrong with simple, heartfelt perfection of this cool pop-up card.
  • Is your man a fan of cocktails? Then ice is nice. Get him heart-shaped ice cube molds or non-themed ice molds. Or this punny drinkware set.
  • A close shave. Unless he’s busy with beard maintenance, he’s probably shaving pretty regularly, yes? So maybe give him a step-up in quality with a shaving kit that includes an old-school shaving brush.
  • Snacks for days. Who’s going to say no to a curated basket of their favorite things to munch on while watching sports or old movies or whatever he does to unwind? (Honestly, even if it’s just a bag of beef sticks.) Bonus points for adding a cute message about how he “looks like a snack.”
  • Sock it to him. February is still wintry in many places, so how about a pair of warm ’n’ comfy socks in whatever colors seem like him?
  • Does your guy like to cook? If he’s comfortable in the kitchen, maybe a red-enameled Dutch oven, pan or some other cool kitchen gadget.
  • Play the hits. Is your man into vinyl? How about an LP by a classic crooner like Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra?
  • What’s the boxer versus briefs situation? Are some of the ratty faves needing to go? Maybe get him a subscription to an underwear site. But definitely don’t throw out his holey pairs without checking first…guys get attached to things, too.
  • Has a nice ring to it. If he’s been wearing his wedding ring for a while, let him swap it out with a cool, more active band in silicone or another light material, possibly with his favorite team’s logo or superhero insignia on it. Pair it with this easy and blingy card (759IAV3047).


Something romantic

Here’s your spot if you’re feeling super smoochy. Oh, you’re not like that on a regular Wednesday? That’s OK. Still, you might want to shake things up a bit and venture forth with something that has a few more heart emojis floating above it: 

  • Dine-in FTW. Sure, some of us might be a little over getting takeout since 2020, but there is still something delightful about a restaurant-caliber dinner at home, where the takeout is elevated by candlelight, your decor and a playlist that evokes a particular mood (wink).
  • Do some indoor camping. Set up a tent or blanket fort and furnish it with plenty of comfy pillows and blankets. Watch a movie or listen to a romantic story via podcast. Make oven s’mores. Wait for additional goodness to occur (wink again).
  • Say “Hey, Sugar.” Top off the night by making sweet, sweet cookies together using this cute tea towel and cookie cutter set.
  • Walk out. If you’re somewhere that has good weather this time of year, grab that takeout and head to the backyard for a picnic, possibly with his favorite movie on a projector screen!
  • Arrange a food crawl. If you’d rather hit the town, see if you can arrange it so each course happens at one of his preferred spots (happy hour, appetizers, entree, dessert, etc.)
  • Track down some OG swag. Where was your first date or your first romantic getaway? Is there anything that represents that, like a T-shirt or framed print?
  • Go old-school spa. Get him a luxurious robe, maybe even matching ones, then add some slippers and foot lotion for an extra hands-on vibe, if you will. (I’ll stop adding “wink” in parentheses now.)
  • On the daily. Let him know just how often you’re thinking about him with this “I Love Us” book of tear-and-share coupons. You could make it a Valentine’s scavenger hunt!
  • Or just make him some coupons. Create a booklet with a mix of funny and flirty “IOU” options for redemption. 
  • Boudoir photos. 🌶️🌶️🌶️
  • Book it. Is your man a reader? Get him something you’d know he’d like from a locally owned bookstore and add a flirty inscription on the dedication page.
  • Rock out. Is one of his beloved bands coming to town anytime soon? Use Feb. 14 as a great excuse to get him a pair of good seats to the show. You could include a themed T-shirt, and this could easily work for a bucket-list sports stadium trip as well.
  • Get trippy. From a fishing boat excursion to a horseback riding adventure, pick an outdoorsy thing and do it. Even if it’s just driving somewhere nature-y with blankets to watch the stars.
  • Update his man-shed. Does he have an indoor or quasi-outdoor spot where he spends a ton of time? What are some fun ways you could spruce it up? Framed poster? This photo album cube? New chair? Does this still count as romantic? Sure, why not?


Something last-minute

You weren’t trying to kick this particular can down the road, but things get busy and Valentine’s Day snuck up on you. It’s OK! We’ve got you covered:

  • Get him the wrong card…on purpose. A next-level move is to purposely buy one that doesn’t speak to you, but in a way that seems hilarious. Then make edits right on the card so that it works. We do that here at Hallmark all the time (see coworker section).
  • His fave hobbies? Does he love to cook? Peek at the brand of his preferred cookware and get a pan in a missing size. Is he a golfer? Grab a sleeve of balls, some tees and a cool hat on the way home.
  • Breakfast in bed didn’t happen? It’s cool—there’s still time for dinner in bed! In fact, pizza in bed with a movie is the ultimate indulgence when you’re a tired adult.
  • Toast the morning together. Or even the next morning, with this charming mug duo.
  • Candles to set up all over his favorite space. Unless it’s a particularly flammable space, like a garage or workshop (wood shavings are VERY flammable). And don’t try for the rom-com movie quantity—you don’t have a union production manager.
  • Get him a new go-to tee. Like a graphic T-shirt of his favorite band, movie or nerdy/funny reference.
  • Kiss-ready. Lip balm, playfully wrapped. Share it with a smooch.
  • Shop local. If your city has one of those “all local things here” kinds of stores, go there and pick whatever catches your eye.
  • Booze! Probably doesn’t require an explanation. However, bonus points for wrapping personalized messages around the bottle(s) and dropping it in this “heart burst” bag.


Valentine gift ideas for family  

A collection of Valentine's Day gifts meant for a mom that include a wooden serving board that reads,

For Moms

My own mom sent us Valentine’s Day cards when we were well into adulthood. Doesn’t matter how old you are—this is an ideal moment to repay her years and years of thoughtfulness and give her a little reminder that you appreciate everything she does.

  • A scrapbook. She kept all the memories for years, it’s your turn. Maybe do a “What we love about mom” version where everyone takes a page, even the pets!
  • Homemade cookies. Especially if this was a way she showed you love as a kid. You could make some in the shape of her favorite flower.
  • Write it out. Give her a handwritten Valentine’s poem or a thank-you letter for everything she’s done for you. Slip it inside a thoughtful Valentine’s Day card as a surprise.
  • Handmade jewelry. It’ll bring back memories of the macaroni necklace you made as a kid that she unquestioningly adored.
  • Show off her culinary skills. A charcuterie board would let her bust out her cheffy or super-host side. (coming soon!)
  • Play to her nurturing side. Give her a ceramic planter that symbolizes how much she’s helped you grow over the years. (coming soon!)
  • Or plant her some flowers. Buy her some perennial flowers that’ll come back every year or a flowering shrub and plant them with her or for her!
  • Something to read. All those stories she read you at bedtime? Yeah, your turn! Try a book with a loving inscription from dear old you, aka the loving child.
  • A cute story from the kids. This recordable storybook gives kids space to draw their own pictures.
  • Somewhere to put things. A pretty trinket dish to help her keep track of her jewelry, keys, readers…anything she has a tendency to misplace.
  • A big ol’ tote. If she’s anything like my mom, unless she can lose things in it, it’s not big enough.
  • A sweet card. One that lets her know how much she’s loved…yesterday, today and definitely tomorrow. 
  • One night away from the house! Book a hotel room on her behalf. If the hotel has an in-house salon, book her a spa treatment, too.
  • Hotel stay not in the cards? How about just a few hours away with a spa gift card?
  • DIY spa kit. If she’s really THAT busy (a lot of moms are!) an at-home spa kit might be the ticket. Think lotions, bath bombs, etc.
  • Sleep mask and ear plugs. For flights to come see the grandkids or those nights when the person next to her gets to snoring reeeeeally bad. They know who they are.
  • Some yummy soaps. Like locally made bars with unqiue scents and luxurious, ultra-moisturizing ingredients.
  • A subscription box. There’s one for everything these days. Get one for whatever she’s into—beauty, books, chocolates, wine, beef jerky…you name it!
  • Weighted blanket. We all have days when we have trouble winding down. This could be the key to relaxation for her.


A collection of gifts for a Dad or teen that includes a humorous Valentine's Day card with rejected candy heart messages printed on it, including

For Dads

Valentine’s Day = not conventionally a guy-focused kinda day. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a moment to let Dad know how awesome he is! We’ve got tons of ideas:

  • “Everyone is Dad for a day!” Spend the day doing all his favorite things. Well, maybe not all of them. Nobody’s asking you to snore during a nap. 😊
  • Day trip for Dad. Is there a place that’s not too far away that he’s been wanting to visit?
  • Give him a book. Include a short message on the inside about why you chose it or why you think he’ll like it.
  • Heartfelt letter. Share everything you value about him…oh, come on, you can too write one of those! Tuck it inside a Valentine’s Day card as a surprise.
  • A blanket for couch time. Yes, dads watch the Hallmark Channel, too. Let him know you support his happily-ever-after habit with this throw. (coming soon!)
  • A fun way to deliver his card. This little heart pillow has a pocket to hold his card.
  • A funny card that helps you connect. If he’s into jokes (and what dad isn’t) a card that gets him giggling like a large child is sure to show him he’s in your heart.
  • A retro toy. A yo-yo, some Silly Putty® or one of those retro magnetic wheel-on-a-rail things—something that would remind him of being a kid.
  • Food! This is a no-brainer; just offer to make his favorite meal or drive him to the place that serves it. Everyone loves food, especially dads, right?
  • Kitchen or grilling tools. Like a giant spatula, a grill cleaner or a grill basket for keeping veggies or fish from falling into the fire.
  • Hat or shirt from his favorite team. Yes, the one that’s most likely not playing at the big game on Feb. 11.


For Teens

Teens can be a puzzle, can’t they? But c’mon, it’s Valentine’s Day—what better excuse to do a thing you might not normally do, which is to randomly remind them that you love them and care about them!

  • Give them an actual puzzle! It’ll get them off their phones and no one has to know about the joke except you and me.
  • Scavenger hunt around the house. Each clue leads to a small gift card. They might say it’s corny at first, but I bet they’ll be disappointed when it ends.
  • Embroidery kit. Kids are getting into more hand-made stuff these days. You never know when a little gift might kickstart a serious hobby.
  • Stickers (lots of ’em). Think organizing stickers, funny stickers, stickers with mild insults that they’d get a kick out of…they’re out there.
  • Journal/stationery. You remember being a teen, right? It involves a LOT of feelings. Having somewhere to write them down helps.
  • Personalized keychain. Are they getting their license soon? Maybe they have it already. Give them some swag to go with that new driver swagger.
  • Wireless headphones. Teens will forever be into music. Whether it’s music you get or not. And if not, these will mean you don’t have to listen to it.
  • Music subscription. Because sharing a streaming station with a teen is…less than optimal.
  • A reminder of how much they’re loved. No teen likes chores. It’s nice if you can let them know that you care, even though you’re forcing them to do “manual labor.” (coming soon!)
  • Toy they can see themselves in. This Pizza and Ranch Better Togethers plush set probably symbolizes their two favorite food groups. 
  • Video game subscription. Would it be nice if they went outside? Maybe. Would this be a gift they’d appreciate? Definitely.
  • Deck of cards. Or multiple decks. Include instructions for Hearts, Hand and Foot, or another family fave card game.
  • Basket of their favorite snacks/candy. Teens grow at an astonishing rate…which is why they’re always hungry. Also, feeding them keeps them happy.
  • Cosmetics or skin care. Teens are getting into this earlier and earlier. See if you can spy a favorite brand on their terrifyingly messy bathroom countertop.
  • Concert tickets. Maybe one you can go to together, for a band you used to sing along to in the car to and from school. They’ll be singing along before you know it.
  • Doll or action figure. Tap into that childhood nostalgia. Many toy brands have elevated products for older kids, like Lego and Barbie.
  • Upgrade their equipment. For instance, new ice skates or baseball glove, new paint for artists, guitar for a budding musician, etc.


A collection of Valentine's Day gifts for a child that includes a plush, interactive ladybug that dances and sings, along with a coordinating book, a set of pillow boxes in red, purple, pink and white that are filled with treats, and a brown kraft paper gift bag with red edging that reads,

For Kids and Grandkids

Since school celebrations and acknowledgments these days vary from place to place, it’s hard to know what exactly they’ll do on Valentine’s Day. All the more reason to try to have a little something for them at home!

  • Candy-making kit. You could get one with chocolate molds or make lollipops!
  • Make heart-shaped cookies together. This is a classic because it combines a sweet treat with quality time together. Practically guaranteed to become a core memory.
  • Valentine’s-themed picture book. We might have one that goes with an adorable plush lady bug. Just sayin’.
  • Coloring book and crayons. Have you ever met a kid that doesn’t like to color? Exactly.
  • Free coloring pages. Don’t want to buy a book? Try our free printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages!
  • Fun shoelaces. Ever since they made the soles light up and put superheroes on them, kids have been obsessed with shoes. Bet you could find some shoelaces with hearts!
  • Board game or word puzzles. Things that get the family together for fun are always a good idea, and puzzles are cleverly disguised critical thinking exercises!
  • Dress-up/cosplay outfits. The best part about being a kid is having the ability to truly believe you ARE your favorite character when you wear their outfit.
  • Sock puppets or silly socks. Find ones with their favorite characters. Trust us, they’re out there. Present them in a cute little gift bag. 
  • Let them plan their perfect day. Even if it has to wait for the weekend. Brownies for breakfast, a trip to the movies, etc.
  • Surprise them with a special guest. It could be a grandparent or a friend. Give clues beforehand to get them guessing.
  • Stuffed animals. Kids loooove Better Togethers. Honestly, people of all ages love Better Togethers. We love this Strawberry and Chocolate Box duo for Valentine’s Day.
  • Have them track down treats. Fill these little pillow boxes (coming soon!) with treats and stash them around the house. Give them clues for where to look. Feeling extra crafty? Make a friendship bracelet for each one like we did here!
  • Write it down. Tell them how much they’re loved in an adorable pop-up card that will make them smile.
  • Valentine’s craft kit. Or do any craft together. We have tons of DIY, arts and crafts ideas to inspire you!
  • Have a picnic. It could be at the park, in the backyard or just on the living room floor. Add little touches to make it feel special, like some flowers and their favorite beverage.
  • Storytime! Tell them what you used to do on a typical day at their age. Include photos!
A collection of Valentine's Day gifts for a friend that includes a pair of socks with a black and white grid print and light blue toe and heel seams, a floral mug, a set of Hallmark Channel wine glasses, a card that reads,

Valentine gift ideas for friends  

Whether you’ve known each other for years or just months, you’ve probably been through a lot together. Doesn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s, Galentine’s or something else, it’s an ideal time to say anything from “thanks for existing” to “thanks for being the other half of my BFF necklace.”

  • Speaking of necklaces… How about a matching set? Or a bracelet. We all know friendship bracelets are a really big deal right now. You could make one just for them!
  • Plan a day…or night…out. Karaoke bar, anyone? If you can’t sing and aren’t into singing poorly in front of others, maybe shopping, a meal or a concert at a small venue is more your thing.
  • Framed pic of the two of you. It could be from yesteryear or even yesterday.
  • Advance tickets to their favorite thing. Like acomedy show, musical, concert, sporting event, etc.
  • Customized T-shirt. Could be a reference to their favorite meme, pop culture phenomenon, and inside joke you share, etc.
  • DIY zine. What about one with all your fave bestie memes??
  • Something fun and crafty. Like a calligraphy set, candle-making kit or basic sewing kit. Then set a date for a crafternoon!
  • A card! Let them know how much you appreciate that they’ve always got your back. 
  • Something cozy. If they’re a hygge enthusiast, you can’t really go wrong with socks and a mug. Put it in a cute gift bag for maximum effect.
  • A little potted plant. If your friend has ever called themselves a plant mom/dad, it’s a safe bet that they’d love an addition to the family. Gift it in this cute planter!
  • Some wine to share. Plus these shatter-proof wine glasses (coming soon!), in case an impromptu dance party starts and things get a little crazy.
  • A gift basket. Put a collection together of their favorite cozy things and candy.
  • A mani/pedi or facial. Spring for a gift card or go get that glow up together!
  • Valentine’s Day baking party! Do you both love watching baking competitions? Have your own bake off with a challenging recipe. Or keep it low-key and make cookies. Your choice!
  • Fun playlist of songs. Like a mixtape, but way easier.
  • Swag. If they have a favorite podcast or there’s a show they love, get them something that lets them rep it everywhere they go.
  • A show of support. Make a gift purchase of something locally owned that you know your friend loves, like a bookstore, coffee shop or similar. Or a donation in their name to a cause they care about.
  • A sketch or caricature. Could be the two of you in one of your favorite places by an outdoor-festival-level artist, or just a hilariously and purposefully bad sketch of you both that you draw yourself.
A collection of Valentine's Day gifts for a coworker that includes a strawberry-shaped trinket dish, a greeting card that reads,

Valentine gift ideas for coworkers  

Whether you teach kids or treat patients, dig ditches or write computer code, wait tables in a restaurant or barely leave the laptop space in your office, surely there’s someone who makes your workdays more fun. Let that person know it with these gifts: 

  • A presentation deck. Top 10 reasons why they’re wonderful, created with your program of choice.
  • A card! We have lot of friend-appropriate card options, like this one.
  • Or the wrong card. You could also get a card that’s purposefully wrong for the occasion (sympathy?) but make some edits to make it hilariously perfect.
  • Something fun/funny to display. It could be something they have behind them in Teams/Zoom/FaceTime calls, or other desk accessories in their favorite color.
  • Commemorate an inside joke. Get something for their workspace that will only make sense to the two of you and puts a smile on their face, even on a bad day.
  • A nice pen. People still write things down, right?
  • Silly/fun mug. If they’ve got to have their coffee or tea every morning, why not make it entertaining? This Goldendoodle mug is just the thing. 
  • Trinket dish. Help clean up their desk with a place to put random clips, rubber bands, hair pins, chapstick, access card, etc., that’s otherwise anywhere else.
  • A cute  keychain. We love this one for its gentle reminder to look for joy everywhere.
  • A picnic blanket. Are they your go-to lunch buddy? Get them a picnic blanket so you can get outside for lunch once in a while.
  • Fill ‘er up. Get a cute mug or fill their trusty mug (maybe wash it first?) with candies or flowers, or a gift card to their fave lunch spot.
  • Offer a little support. Find the perfect lumbar pillow for their desk or neck pillow if they travel a lot.
  • Give them a buzz. Gift their favorite coffee beans or loose-leaf tea.
  • Sticky note blizzard. Leave a bunch of sticky notes on their desk with funny compliments, inside jokes, memes, etc.
  • Plan a special delivery. Have flowers or chocolates delivered. Everyone loves being surprised with something sweet in the middle of the workday.
  • Fire marshal-approved freshness. Candles usually aren’t allowed in offices. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make their cubicle smell nice! Make a lavender sachet—or another favorite scent—for their desk.
  • Do a take on before and after. Bring them doughnuts for work and wine for after work. 😉

DIY valentine gift ideas  

If the homemade and the handmade is more your preference, by all means, do something more creative! If you’re in that headspace, you probably have a few ideas already, but we have a few fun suggestions, too:

  • A scrapbook of this last year together. Look at favorite phone photos and check bags/coat pockets/glove box for old tickets/receipts/brochures.
  • Handmade invitation to watch a romantic movie. Include the movie title, date and time, and any other fun or flirty info.
  • Their favorite meal. Pair it with a handwritten note with all the things you love about them.
  • A collection of their favorite recipes. Write them out nicely on notecards and include little doodles or sweet messages.
  • Heart-shaped pizza party. Make the crust yourself and add all their favorite toppings. Have brownies for dessert!
  • A hand-painted pottery item. Maybe they’re always complaining about not having enough mugs, or their desk could use a little trinket tray.
  • Pressed flower art. Bonus if the flowers are saved from a bouquet you received from them.
  • A digital collage of all the things they love. Make it as artsy or as silly as you please!
  • Handmade scarf/mittens/beanie. Get some yarn in their favorite color and work on it when they’re not around. 
  • DIY zine with all your fave quotes from them. Like that adorable non-swear word they say instead of a swear word.
  • Draw or sketch a memorable photo of you two. You could do this by hand but you could also use an app.
  • Photo album slideshow. Scroll through that endless bank of photos on your phone, pick your faves and set it to music. Invite the kids if there are some of those in the house.
  • Book bouquet. Or a bouquet of other things they like. You can make a bouquet out of almost anything. Art supplies, favorite hair products…the options are endless!

Inexpensive valentine gift ideas  

Looking for something that’s inexpensive, super cheap or possibly even free but still totally thoughtful? We’ve got a few ideas here to consider:

  • Rom-com movie marathon. Pick a theme (classic, corny, etc.), an actor or a decade, and make fresh popcorn on the stove top.
  • Make a poem out of movie quotes. If you’re always quoting favorite films back and forth, try crafting a keepsakeable poem out of lines they’d recognize.
  • Love letter. Write about all of the things you love about them, or how you felt the first time you saw them or first knew you loved them.
  • Quote-filled journal. If writing something original seems daunting, find quotes about love and write them in a journal for them to keep.
  • Go with the classics. Print off a classic love poem and leave it somewhere they’ll be sure to find it, or read to each other from a book of love poems or romantic song lyrics.
  • Yes, a card. We have so many affordable and delightful options, like this “heart-shaped thoughts” card.
  • Leave something behind. Put a flower on their pillow, a note on their windshield, their favorite kind of donut in their work bag (wrapped up, of course).
  • Cook dinner together. Open a bottle of inexpensive wine and have fun prepping while you listen to music or a true-crime podcast.
  • Make them a playlist. Fill it with songs that make you think of them, songs that played during special moments together, etc.
  • Start a plant nursery. Get some nice cuttings from existing houseplants or friends’ plants, rooted out and potted in inexpensive pots.
  • Decorative wreath from strands of their hair you’ve been secretly collecting (JK on this one but CAN YOU IMAGINE?).


OK, that’s all the ideas we could come up with. Hopefully there’s something in here that sparks at least a little gift inspiration for you.


Want more than gift ideas? We’ve got lots of ways you can spread some love this Valentine’s Day: