Keepsake hot takes: 10 Keepsake Ornaments we’re obsessing over

A Keepsake Ornament in the shape of a white wreath with gold foil embellishments; in the center of the wreath sits a little Santa, an elf, and a penguin; the three are looking at an issue of the Dream Book, which is also white with gold foil embellishments; the ornament sits on a wooden surface and a woman's hand is reaching into frame to pick it up.

It’s that time of year! You’ve opened your Dream Book, you’ve got a pen to start crafting those Wish Lists, and suddenly—you’re frozen. Not because you’re trying to embody the frostiness of the season, but because there are TOO MANY GOOD OPTIONS.

Don’t worry, you can chill. We’ve rounded up some memorable choices to start your Keepsake Ornament shopping this year (you’re welcome), all of which deserve an award for being so fun.

In fact, let’s go ahead and give them those awards now…

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Most Holiday Vision-Board Worthy: Snoring Santa  

A Keepsake Ornament that depicts Santa Claus sleeping in a recliner with a plate of Christmas cookies on his chest; the ornament is animatronic and when a button on the side of the recliner is pressed, Santa's belly rises and falls with his breath and the sound of his snores can be heard.


Why go into the holiday stressed when you can go in snoring with a plateful of cookies on your tummy? This animatronic ornament is designed so that Santa’s bowl full of jelly continuously rises and falls all day long. (You might even hear him talking in his sleep!)

If you start to feel the pressures of the holiday season creeping in, just take a gander at the Snoring Santa in your evergreen. He doesn’t care that there are gifts to wrap—he’s here to remind you to take a breather during the holiday season (a little snore, even). Snoring Santa is the moment. He is the vibe. He is the star on top of our vision board and most likely to honk-shoo his way into our hearts.

Most Likely to Convince You a Halloween Tree is Now a Necessity: Spirited Pumpkin  

A Keepsake Ornament that looks like a pumpkin; when a button on the top is pressed, a series of jack-o-lantern faces light up on the front of the pumpin.


We’re not saying we would tell anyone if we won the lottery, but there would be signs—the first being a decked-out tree for every holiday, including Halloween.

And this pumpkin would be the first Keepsake Ornament on our list. When it’s turned off, it’s disguised as a sweet, autumnal gourd—but turn it on and see the animated, glowing face magically come to life with a few fun phrases.

Look, if you have to hold off on the holiday decor through October, you deserve a little treat. And a Halloween tree is just the ticket.

Most Likely to Delight Your Inner Child: Santa’s Seaside Carnival  

A Keepsake Ornament depicting a scene of a Seaside Carnival with a Christmas theme; Santa and Mrs. Claus wait at the end of a dock to greet newcomers; behind them is a snow-covered hill with a snowflake-shaped Ferris wheel, polar bears bobsledding through a series of light-up tunnels, and a light house on top that illuminates from the inside.


Yes, you can be in your coastal grandmother fashion era AND want to be a kid again; this ornament is out to prove it. With a press of a button on this oceanside boardwalk carnival, all your adulting worries will slip away while you’re serenaded with a jaunty holiday carol and entertained by rides and a rotating, lit-up Ferris wheel.

What’s more? Santa and Mrs. Claus are waiting for you at the end of the dock, and there are probably cookies fresh out of the oven in the glowing lighthouse. Be honest: Is your inner child clapping their hands and jumping up and down right now?

Most Heart-Melting: Young Santa, 3rd in Series  

A Keepsake Ornament depicting Santa as a young boy; he is on his hands and knees, opening a gift box; popping out the top of the gift box is a puppy in a pair of blue pajamas covered in a pattern of white snowflakes.


What if this write-up is just us squeeee-ing about how cute young Santa and his puppy are? It’s fun to imagine what Santa would have been like as a kid, but adding an adorable and playful puppy into the mix? 🥹 It’s too much. Our hearts can’t take it.

This Keepsake Ornament is cuteness overload and it’s sure to be one talked about (and squeeee’d over) by families everywhere.

When you’re done squeeee-ing for the season, you’ll want a safe way to pack up Young Santa and his puppy so they can stay cute and charming forever. We’ve got some tips for that!

Best Ornament for the All-Season-or-Bust Holiday Music Fans: North Pole Tree Trimmers Band Collection  

A trio of Keepsake Ornaments sits on a light green surface; each of the three ornaments is an elf in sunglasses, playing a jazz ornament; there is a blond elf playing a harmonica into a microphone, a black-haired elf playing a saxophone, and a brown-haired elf playing a guitar; the bases of each ornament light up and each ornament plays its own jazzy tune.


Picture this: it’s 12:01 a.m. on November 1 and it is time. Your playlists are prepped. Your jingle bells are at the ready. You don’t care if your holiday shopping is continuously set to the beat of some “fa-la-la-las”—you’re into the holiday season for the tunes.

Same vibe? This ornament collection featuring some merry music-makers from the North Pole, who are just ending their toymaking shift to jam together. Connect them all together with a Keepsake Power Cord to hear all of their different interactive performances, watch the light show and rock out. Just be prepared to get their jolly jingles stuck in your head from now until forever.

Check out the video to audition this elvish band for your own tree here!

Most Likely to Inspire a Tropical Trip: Mini Little Cup of Joy Musical Ornament  

A miniature Keepsake Ornament that looks like a pineapple, hollowed out to be used as a cocktail drink; sticking out the top of the pineapple is a drinking straw, a cocktail umbrella, and a cocktail toothpick garnished with tropical fruit and decorated on top with a fish.


Pack your bags and ship those presents because this ornament calls for nothing less than Christmas spent on the shores of a sandy beach.

When you press a button, this cute pineapple drink serves up an island version of “Joy to the World.” And you know what it would sound great with? The charming glug, glug, glug of the poolside bartender refilling your own tiki mug.

Most Likely to Make You a Series Collector: Twelve Days of Christmas, 1st in Series  

A Keepsake Ornament made of wood and paper with a three-dimensional effect; the ornament is the first in a new series called


If you’ve been resisting the pull of starting a series collection, it’s time to give in. This papercraft “Partridge in a Pear Tree” is a stunning take on a holiday classic, and you know that once you buy it, you’re going to want to be first in line for all 11 left in this series.

It’s just too beautiful to resist, we know. Welcome to the club. See you at Ornament Premiere in 2025 for some turtledoves because this is your life now. 😂

Most Likely to Leave a Big Impression in the Teensiest Way: ShowToppers Mini Tree with Vintage Santa ShowTopper  

A mini tree covered in tiny red, green and gold ball ornaments and topped with a figurine showing a tiny Santa in a red and gold sleigh; the tree sits on a small, round wooden table and has a little tree skirt covering its base; the the skirt is white and reads


There’s a lot more to this cute baby tree than meets the eye. Once you buy it, you’re going to want to clear everything off your table with one huge arm-sweep, plant this bad boy in the middle and decorate it with alllll the Vintage Santa ShowTopper accessories. 

Like magic, the light colors coordinate with the the tree topper, skirt and nostalgic mini ornaments. Press a button, and you get a musical light show. Bam. You’re decorated for the holidays.

And when you decide you’re ready to switch it up, there are other ShowTopper sets ready to mix up your mini tree. Because why pick one decor scheme when you can have them all?

Need some ideas on how to decorate the rest of your house for the holidays? Here are a few professional styling tips so you can really max out your decor.

Most Likely to Make Your Tummy Rumble: Sweet Decade, 5th in Series  

A Keepsake Ornament made to look like a series of gumdrops in the shape of the year


A little tip: If you’re feeling a little hungry and this ornament is hanging on your tree, do not make eye contact with its squishy-looking snowman. 👀

Doesn’t it just look like it’s made of marshmallows? And don’t the sparkly, brightly colored “2024” gumdrops look like sugary-sweetness you just want to pop into your mouth? Mmm…

Still, don’t eat it. It’s plastic. Maybe just go get a refill on cookies instead.

Most Likely to Start a Bidding War 20 Years From Now: Wreath of Memories 2024  

A Keepsake Ornament in the shape of a white wreath with gold foil embellishments; in the center of the wreath sits a little Santa, an elf, and a penguin; the three are looking at an issue of the Dream Book, which is also white with gold foil embellishments.


If you’re a Keepsake Ornament collector, you know this one is special—some of Hallmark’s most famous Keepsake Ornaments are recreated as icons, embossed in 14 karat gold on the wreath.

If you’re not a Keepsake Ornament collector, let us translate: This baby is FULL of nostalgia and is going to be one hot collectible—not only now, but way in the future. Resell sites will crash. Antique malls will be stormed.

OK, maybe that’s a little far. But still…

You don’t have to be a hardcore Keepsakes fan to see the love that went into this ornament! Check out a behind-the-scenes video on how it was made here.

The ornaments listed here are just a few we’re excited about (for many, many reasons). But, honestly, every carefully crafted Keepsake Ornament is created to be special in its own way, in part because of the memories made by hanging each one on your own tree. Yay! Everyone gets a trophy!

 To make your own list of must-haves for the season, pick up a Dream Book at your local Hallmark Gold Crown store or

(And seriously…don’t eat the ornaments.)



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