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Play with your food: Easter recipes

Play with your food: Easter recipes

These easy recipes take Easter treats way beyond the pastel. Start with some delightful appetizers of Cheesy Chicks Mini Cheese Balls and Hard-boiled Hens. Next, take a walk on the sweet side with our adorable Pudding Pie Baskets and Bunny Mini Cheesecake Bites. Then celebrate nesting season with some Egg-shaped Easter Cakes and no-fuss Chocolate Bird’s Nests filled with candy eggs. Now let’s get crackin’!

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Bunny Mini Cheesecake Bites Recipe

Bunny mini cheesecake bites

Our easy Easter bunny mini cheesecakes are no-bake and all adorable! Kids will love helping decorate (and eat!) these cute cheesecake bunny bites.

Cheesy Chicks Mini Cheese Balls Recipe

Cheesy chicks mini cheese balls

These cheesy chicks make a fun and easy Easter appetizer. Round crackers provide the perfect perch for these cute mini cheese balls.

Hard-Boiled Hens Easter Appetizer Recipe

Hard-boiled hens

Everyone will cluck in admiration at these cute Easter appetizers. This easy hard-boiled egg recipe also makes a fun Easter breakfast or brunch idea.

Pudding Pie Baskets Recipe

Pudding pie baskets

Easter desserts don’t come any cuter than this! Made with premade piecrust, instant pudding and jelly beans, our Easter basket pudding pies are sweet and simple.

Egg-Shaped Easter Cakes Recipe

Egg-shaped Easter cakes

Whip up some fun with these egg-shaped cakes. Your guests are sure to crack a smile when they see these deviled Easter egg cakes on your dessert table!

Chocolate Bird's Nests Recipe

Chocolate bird’s nests

This no-bake chocolate bird’s nest recipe is among the simplest Easter desserts you can find (not counting candy, of course). Watch everyone flock to these yummy chocolate treats.