How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet

A variety of flower bouquets in different shapes and sizes, wrapped in different ways.

Flowers are such a sweet, simple gift. Want to make the most out of your bouquet? Watch these 4 tutorials for pretty ways to wrap any floral arrangement.

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Idea #1: How to Wrap a Flower Bouquet with a Card Pocket  

We have a super cute way to make sure your card and flower bouquet make their way to their recipient together—all you need is some gift wrap and a little tape.

Idea #2: How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet  

If you want to give a bouquet that’ll last, then we suggest making a bunch of your own tissue paper flowers. Just fold, cut, tie and fluff! Then drop them in a cute jar or vase. And of course, don’t forget the card.

Idea #3: How to Wrap Mini Bouquets  

“Okay,” you might be thinking, “that’s great, but what if I have a bunch of people in my life that I want to celebrate?”

If that’s the case, this idea is perfect for you—lots of mini bouquets, adorably wrapped with tissue paper and tied together. Great for giving with cards or topping a gift.

Idea #4: How to Make a Gift Bag Flower Bouquet  

We looooove this idea for wrapping a flower bouquet, because it pulls out all the stops and feels really special.

You’ll need a pretty gift bag, some cutting and measuring tools, a plastic container filled with dampened fresh floral foam, and their favorite flowers. Finally, a cute little clothespin gives you a sweet way to attach your card to the arrangement.