Celebrate spring blooms with simply stunning DIY flower arrangements

DIY Flower Arrangements

It’s such a delight to see the first hyacinths or tulips gradually bud, then flower. How could you not want to have them inside, brightening your home? But rather than buying or cutting an armful, celebrate each bloom with a simple arrangement using pretty containers you already have. Check out the collection below to get inspired by some simply stunning flower arrangements by the Hallmark Photo Studio—less really can be so much more! And don’t miss our tips on how to make your flowers last longer.

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Simply stunning flower arrangements  

DIY flower arrangments: freesia and grape hyacinth

Even the smallest buds (like freesia and grape hyacinth) can create the feeling of sweet abundance. The trick is to use appropriately proportioned containers, like some of the many glass votive candleholders or shot glasses you probably already have.

DIY flower arrangements: French tulips

Pale-pink French tulips, which are longer stemmed and more glamorous than standard tulips, can be exquisite in small numbers. Indulge in a few stems, and pair them with a striking glass container to enhance their elegance.

DIY flower arrangements: ranunculus

Ranunculus have so much personality that they eliminate the need for a complicated arrangement—especially if you put them into an intriguing container like a weathered soda crate. You can also try gerbera daisies or any kind of wildflower, the brighter the better.

DIY flower arrangements: baby's breath

Pair baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s lace with an assortment of old-fashioned medicine bottles or small, tinted canning jars already in your home for a creative display that costs next to nothing.

DIY flower arrangements: single rose

One small flower or a sprig cut from a bigger branch of spray roses can be just as romantic as a dozen. Cut each stem short, so it reaches just above the rim of a piece of your crystal glassware.

DIY flower arrangements: rose bouquet

Set a stunning table with simple bouquets in crystal glassware at each place setting. Tip: To make store-bought roses look as if they came straight from a lush, blooming garden, gently pull out some petals from the center of each blossom.

DIY flower arrangements: bedside bouquet

Wake up and smell the roses (and dianthuses and chrysanthemums)! Put a bouquet of beautiful blossoms by your bedside to enjoy your own indoor garden every night—and morning—of the week.

DIY flower arrangements: peonies & hydrangeas

Full flowers, like peonies and hydrangeas, can overwhelm a simple vase. Catch the wave of blooms in a large round container (like this glass fish tank) to provide visual balance.

DIY flower arrangements: French tulips & roses

Indulge in several stems of your favorite variety, like these French tulips in their delicate shade of ballerina pink. Display in a sunny window ledge to let their easy elegance shine through.